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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Catching Up

It's probably been a month or so since my last blog. I'm sorry about that. Things have been busy lately. After I hurt my back, I kind of lost all inspiration to make jewelry. I was pretty bummed about it, but figured it would come back soon enough. But you know what came instead? Hurricane Isaac! That was um, "fun."

80 hours without power in sweltering, windless, humid, heat index of over 100 weather - that's miserable. Sleep was very difficult - we tried sleeping by windows, in the car, apparently Steve tried sleeping on the ground outside by the pool (all the outdoor furniture had been packed away). I found the sofa nearest a window with my legs up over the back of the couch to be the best position. With a wet rag on my face. And something to fan myself with nearby. I was up by 5:30 every morning, which would never normally happen. It was just miserable. During the daylight hours, I did manage to make some jewelry because there was NOTHING ELSE TO DO. I read a little bit, talked to some neighbors. Carried my 35 lb dog up and down two flights of stairs because she's too old, fat, and short-legged to manage - and of course the elevator wasn't working. And of course I'm not supposed to lift more than 15 lbs. with my back. A lot of wine was consumed, which created some candle holders for the taper candles we had. I could go on and on. Just trust me, it was awful. And when we could finally get to a McDonalds, we were glad to wait an hour for service because it was a hot meal and a cold drink. I don't know how people used to live?!?!'

Then, it was my birthday last weekend, so I was a bit consumed with festivities/hangover. A recent order from Lima Beads arrived yesterday, and I made a cute pair of owl earrings with some long-hoarded Kristi Bowman copper leaves.

Enough reading - time for pictures now!

I finally went back to the darker bright red for my hair, and I'm glad I did. It's almost as red as my car, which you can see over my shoulder. Also, new sunglasses birthday present to myself.

The aforementioned owl earrings with Kristi's copper leaves.

Look what I found at TJ Maxx yesterday! I now have a family of five. That should be enough.

All of these were made during the so called "hurrication." Believe me, it was nothing like a vacation. At least two happened before the power went out though.

This came together after the power went out. It was one of those things that made itself. I just helped.

Okay, this was actually a week before the storm, I just hadn't gotten around to showing you yet. That gorgeous hammered copper ring was something I won from the super talented Susan of Cicada Silver/Libellula Jewelry

This cute little Golem cardinal pendant had been waiting patiently for months. The first night of "hunkering down" (a term so over-used it inspired a drinking game), I created this one. Still had power.

First thing I made when the sun came up the morning after the power went out. Another one that made itself. When I finish something like that - especially with components I've had for ages, I think "This piece of jewelry has been here all along just waiting to become whole. What took it so long?" I have picked up that charm and those beads so many times and wondered what I should do with them. I guess it took a hurricane to sort that out for me!

Anyway, I'm hoping that I'll get back to making something almost every day soon. I'm in PT for my shoulder (surprisingly, that was just a while I'm here, my shoulder's been bugging me for awhile thing I'd mentioned to my ortho when I went to see him about my back, and that's what I'm in therapy for!?) and with all the exercises I'm doing for it, it's been hurting more and more. So I still have to take it a little slow with jewelry. Do you all realize how difficult it is not to hunch or slouch while making something?!?!

Okay, that's enough for now. Thanks for visiting  :)
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