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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Back in the Swing

Finally, after what seemed like eons, I am inspired and making jewelry like a crazy person! I can only do so much at a time; I do not care to go through all that back pain again. But slow and steady wins the race right? The keyword being STEADY. Of course I also have my upcoming Craft Fair in 2 weeks to be lighting a fire under my derriere. But who cares why I'm back? I'M BACK!

I've posted most of these photos to my Facebook page, and at least two pairs of earrings here sold as a result (and another request for something similar sold as well).

Top: Focal by Bo Hulley. Bottom Right: Focal by Julie Rowe of Beads Birds & Bones.

Pendant by Julie Rowe of Beads Birds & Bones.

 Polymer Buddha head by Second Surf.

 Bird pendant by Kylie Parry.

Root beer pendant by  Lynn Davis.

Owl pendant by Round Rabbit Extra.

Lots of earrings (with some bits by Round Rabbit and Bo Hulley, as well as some upcycled vintagey things). The Day of the Dead earrings are always a customer favorite - these sold right away, and in fact were even blogged about! I made a custom pair for someone else who fell in love with these.

MOAR EARRINGS! I've been an earring making fool. These are perhaps less inspired than the ones above, but they're nonetheless pretty and will likely be a hit at the craft fair.

And the best thing I've done in a while is make this super fantastic wonderful earring display. I am bursting with pride over this one. Almost as much as my dog is bursting with tired in the background ;) And if you are interested in making something similar for yourself, I'll be doing a tutorial for Art Bead Scene all about it! I'll be sure to let you know when the post is up.

Thanks for dropping by, and I apologize for being such a bad blogger - but like I said, I'm back!
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