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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Birds & the Bee

I finished another necklace with the sari ribbon last night. It took me eons to convince myself to use this particular piece of ribbon because it was so beautiful. All of it is pretty, but there are a few pieces I just love and would hate to ruin with a bad design. I have that problem with all of my jewelry parts though. I hoard my prettiest beads and findings for use on some future piece of perfection which never seems to materialize! Does anyone else do this??? Beads are for using! And even if I use up my favorite things, there are tons more potential favorite things out there for my eventual acquisition. I seriously need to get over my supply hoarding problem.

So here's the new necklace, modeled by my lovely brand new half-scale dress form! (Click on the images to see them larger.)


  1. Love it! BTW, come to my blog, you won the giveaway, and email me at lori at lorianderson dot net so I can get your address!

  2. it is GORGEOUS!!!!

    i hoard a lot of beautiful things and then find myself not wearing or using them -- just keeping them for my eyes only. it is WEIRD! lol

  3. My mom assured me I got that trait from my grandmother. Funny, because I started this whole jewelry thing with all of her old jewelry after she died. I bet she'd never have guessed her hoarded things would become my inspiration :)

    And if anyone would like this necklace, it's for sale on my Facebook page. Or just send me a message!

  4. So pretty and I am in love with your dress form. I hoard beads and dressforms. lol

  5. Thank you! I just got it last week at Steinmart. It was $49.99 and with all sorts of coupons, I got it for $31! Maybe your Steinmart will have some - you should go check!

  6. So glad I'm not alone in this. I too hoard my precious beads and pretty fabrics for some future project. I'm afraid to work with these items because once I make something out of them another possibility is no longer an option.


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