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Monday, June 11, 2012

Mondays aren't good for clever titles

I wasn't super productive this weekend - 2 pairs of earrings that I didn't photograph, one finished necklace, and one necklace in process. Here's the finished necklace. It's a really beautiful Round Rabbit Extra pendant with garnets, vintage AB crystals, green glass rondelles and vintage teeny glass beads that seem like glass pearls that lost their pearl coating. I love finding those - they have such a lovely opaly inner glow to them. The green beads have a very strange luster - sort of like manmade cateye, but matte? They're a strange color too, but just the EXACT shade to match the pendant. What a bizarre chance that I'd just so happened to buy those beads a couple of months ago. And the X-hatched garnets were also PERFECT for the pendant. This is one of those necklaces that just made itself, you know?

Here are a million pictures of it :)


  1. I love it when a piece comes together almost on it's own. But that doesn't happen often for me.

    This is a gorgeous piece from the pendant to all the lovely beads. I just love the darker garnets paired with the pale green beads.

    As for my weekend, I have not made one piece, but have been working on promoting my business. It's one thing I'm so bad about doing, and my least favorite part of the business.

    Have a great week!

  2. Sweet as always! Love the color combo, and those garnet beads!

  3. That is a lovely design. I love the colors you chose, and that little pop of bling. Very pretty! And it was indeed meant to be if it came together to easily. Enjoy the day. Erin

  4. I love that necklace, Heidi. That pendant has a definite Arts & Crafts era feel to it which makes it totally my style. I love the colors, too.

  5. Really pretty. Love the RR pendant - its very CHarles rennie mackintosh. And I really like those green beads - where are they from?

  6. Oh, it's lovely! Really, really lovely.

  7. I really like the simplicity of the contrasting colors you chose to complement the simple pendant.


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