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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Early July

I have a Round Rabbit problem. I cannot stop buying Nancy's pieces! I've got two batches on their way to me currently, at least 10 pieces as yet unused, and at least as many more already turned into necklaces and even one bracelet. I just love what she does, and every time she has a shop update, I cannot stop myself from buying something. I've been hoarding this one for months, but I finally decided to give it a try last night. I paired it with Peruvian opal and pyrite.

And also, I need to invest in some fancier clasps.

This is a funny story. Some of you might recognize this style - I've done it a few times previously, for instance this one. When I showed up at the salon with that one, Jeanne ran off to retrieve something she'd found buried in the dirt in her yard when she was doing some gardening. It was the Eisenhower charm below - she wanted me to turn it into this style of necklace, with orangey-red sari fabric. So here it is Jeanne, if you see this before I get over there with it! I hope the natural patina is okay - I put some Renaissance Wax on it, so hopefully that will keep it looking good.

I dare not experiment with sterling, but I couldn't pass up this aluminum wire at the craft store recently. I'm definitely going to have to keep playing with it. These red rectangles aren't my personal style, but I think they're pretty cool looking. Just by using something that wasn't to my own taste, I could assure I wouldn't keep them for myself like I've done with the last 3 pairs of copper wire earrings I've made, ha.

So I bought a little grouping of items from Kylie Parry the other day. The other pieces are pendants, but I've really been slacking in the earring department so I figured I'd make some sweet little earrings with these first.

And Malin, I totally admit that I borrowed this earring idea from you. I believe I told you in advance that I was going to. I've long drooled over these faceted polymer clay nuggets from Second Surf. I finally broke down and got some recently having no idea what to do with them other than stare at them and love them. I have two more, but I think I'll hang onto those for a while longer...

Here's a shot of Crazers who just loves to interrupt my photo sessions.


  1. That one with the president is my fav of this lot. The colors drew me in, I think.

  2. Aww Heidi, so many nice things! I adore Crazers big nose and emotional eyes. My favorite piece for this session, if I have to choose one at all, is the Kylie Parry earrings. And you did your all own take with Barbara's Erudite I think. Looking great! Let's see some more aluminum experiments. I really like those ones. All in all a great collection of new pieces Heidi!

  3. I really like the colour pairing of the necklace, really nice. As to clasps, they are super easy to twist up w/ a little wire, go for it!

  4. love that necklace with the round rabbit pendant!

  5. Beautiful! I love the Eisenhower necklace and the aluminum earrings!

  6. GREAT blog,pic size is AWESOME Thank Love and hugs Tanya

  7. Hey Heidi, I have something for you here:

  8. I actually just bought some 12ga aluminum wire at Michaels when walking through the floral department -- awesome!

  9. I love EVERYTHING you've got here!! You might just inspire me to break out some of the stash I've been hoarding and admiring as well. Thanks. . .I think. ;)


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