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Friday, May 31, 2013

I was one of the lucky winners for this month's Art Jewelry Elements blog challenge! Susan SueBeads Kennedy made some colorful lampwork ruffle discs. The one I received was aqua & mango. It's probably the one I would have picked if we'd been allowed to pick. Thanks Susan!

My immediate thought was some elaborate stacked sort of pendant, but then most of the bead would have been hidden if I'd done so. I pulled out a few beads and tried a few ideas until I came up with this. It took me longer than normal to make it, because I'd just adopted a kitten - and he stole just about all of my free time.

I selected some small aquamarine beads, a large faceted amazonite round I'd been hoarding for some time, and some mango Czech glass. I think this necklace would be perfect with a sundress. It's so colorful and cheery.

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  1. This is so pretty Heidi - we got the same bead so it's interesting to see how you used yours.

  2. Beautiful! I love it. The colours are so happy and summery, and as usual, you've matched them to perfection. (BTW, I was so excited to see your name pop up in my blog list! Lol!)

  3. I love this. The color is gorgeous. And your pop of color above the disc really accentuates and lets the disc stand out.

  4. Gorgeous necklace Heidi! Hoarding really means waiting for the perfect design opportunity, and that amazonite was waiting for Sue's ruffled disc bead! They were meant to be together! =)

  5. Lovely necklace !! I understand You would choose that happy color bead to work with ...really SUMMER :-)

  6. Love the fringe! Really beautiful necklace!

  7. Definitely bright and cheery and perfect for a sundress!

  8. I adore your necklace and all the delicate danglys. Perfect summer necklace. The colors are just gorgeous.

    1. I forgot to thank you for participating in the AJE design challenge and reading the blog!

  9. this necklace just says summer! and what great colors, mango & turquoise, great design!

  10. So full of happy sunshine! I love your design!

  11. Oh WOW! That is just stunning and congrats on the kitten!!!

  12. Wow Heidi I love it! So cheery! Thank you so much for playing along!

  13. Very colorful, and very cheery! But - hey! No pictures of the kitten?

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