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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Broke the Bank at the Gem Show

I went there with ONE specific thing in mind: fancy, sparkly, faceted, briolettes. No pearls. No stones that I had to get just cos they were so pretty. No dollar strands of bling. But then I was lucky enough to win a $20 discount from one of my favorite vendors, just for responding "I'm Attending!" to the Facebook Event. Only 4 people bothered to respond, but still, I got that discount! So that was pretty exciting. And that vendor is my favorite seller of pearls, so.

So here's what I intended to buy: L-R, Labradorite, Moonstone (thinking of you Malin!), Chalcedony, Amethyst, Rose Quartz. All faceted and sparkly and beautiful. Yay!!!

The obligatory, but undeniably awesome pearls. Plus some turquoise from another vendor that snuck into this photo.

 Dollar Bling. Sometimes, you just need the dollar bling.

People want their sugar skulls. I depleted my stash last week, so I had to restock. Plus carved jade in red (I have larger green like this), and faceted pearls! I was so excited to find them!

Six feet of copper rolo chain, which will someday meet Liver of Sulfur. Carved butterflies and some lovely rutilated quartz.

There were also a couple of findings & jewelry settings that weren't worth the photos. But overall, I think I scored!


  1. Love all the gorgeous briolettes!! The last show I went to I only found one vendor with nice briolettes and they were very expensive, I wanted to ask them if they couldn't sell half strands!! LOVE those turquoise briolettes, so rustic and imperfectly perfect!! And of course everything as well. Nice haul!!

  2. Thanks Kristi! I'm planning to use some of it with the things I just got from you :)

  3. Oh la la to all of it! What a wonderful batch of new goodies! Yeah, moonstone. I long for the ones I ordered to arrive. And then I saw some other lovely ones in another online shop here in Sweden. Hm, must I go there and place an order now? There was some other stuff there that was unbelievably wantable. The turquoise briolettes I also adore. And the facetted pearls. I envy you those. Would you be interested in a swap with me. I get two of those pearls, you get something gorgeous from me? I'll post some pictures on my blog for you.

  4. Lovely finds! The briolettes are gorgeous! I attended a crafts festival here in Sweden myself yesterday and it is very hard to just buy the things you intended at home when you get there and see all the gorgeous goodness!

  5. Beautiful finds Heidi, they are all so yummy!

  6. *DROOL* ....a girls got to do what a girls got to do.....

  7. What you went for and scored is just gorgeous, but then you got all the extras and they're all beautiful too. Sigh. . .I really need to use what I have before I venture to buy more.

    With that said, you'll have to let me know the next time a show is in town. I'm within driving distance of NOLA to go to one (and have before)!

    I can't wait to see all your creations from this wonderful stash!

  8. Beautiful! I love all the same ones Malin mentioned. I guess I am "lucky" there are zero shows that come around where I live.


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