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Monday, November 8, 2010

Weekend Update

Happy Monday everyone. I had a very busy weekend, so I didn't get to make much jewelry. I've been working on a necklace with the purple bead caps from last post; however, it's been assembled and reworked several times already and I'm just not happy with it yet. Sometimes, it's good to put things on the side for a while and finish them when the proper inspiration strikes. I try to avoid forcing myself to finish something I'm unhappy with just for the sake of finishing it. Case in point, the brass & yellow tiger eye bead portion of this necklace had been sitting on my jewelry table for 6 months waiting for the perfect focal bead(s) to present themselves. Over the months I've tried different things; but it wasn't until this weekend that these recently acquired vintage/recycled Cloisonné round and Cinnabar butterfly beads solved the problem. Ta da! I will shortly list it for sale on my Facebook page.

In other news, one of my sisters and I got our hair cut & colored on Saturday. I chopped off about 8 inches! It looks really cute, but that's irrelevant. I finally brought in a bunch of my jewelry to show my stylist. She runs her own salon, and caters to a very cool & tasteful clientele. She picked out a dozen pairs of earrings and a handful of necklaces to display for sale. If they wind up selling, she said she'll take more! I know some of her clients own funky little stores, and they may like my jewelry and want to sell it too. Who knows where this could lead?

And if that's not enough, my massage therapist wanted to see some of my things, so I pulled up my Flickr account on my phone. She said she saw at least 6 pairs of earrings she wants, and said she'd call to remind me to bring them to my next appointment. She also suggested that I print out pictures of everything, and carry them in a binder everywhere I go. That way, instead of just giving people a card, they can actually see the jewelry, which will inspire them to go to my site, or even work out some sort of deal on the spot. That's not a bad idea, actually. I'm trying to figure out ways to reach a larger audience, and until this blog gets a bigger following, I have to be creative.

Does anyone else have any other ideas? In what ways do you market yourselves?


  1. Love your idea of making a necklace for Sister Wolf and look forward to it. Love the one you have on this post, gorgeous red butterfly - start making some with hearts for Valentines! Substitute red lips for the butterfly & you have perfect SW necklace

    I customised a top for Sister Wolf and sent it surface to air so hope she gets it soon. xx

  2. Ha, I love the idea of red lips! I'm actually very interested in experimenting with paper clay, and I might be able to make some lips. I'll keep that idea in mind.

    Ooh, I hope she'll take pics of herself in her top. Can't wait to see it!


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