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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Who Knew How Much I Could Love Yellow???

A couple of weeks ago, I found this fun vintage Lucite yellow & blue flower (I found two actually!) and I just had to have it. I spent several days this week agonizing about the perfect beads to go with it, and scoured my fave online (and in person) bead stores only to find the perfect solution in my very own stash! I wanted to jump for joy at 2 am last night when I finished making it. I don't have a single thing that would go with it. Neither that yellow or blue look good on me, but I know someone out there will be so happy to have it.

Before I made the yellow & blue necklace, I was compelled to use one of my precious carved butterflies. I was trying to avoid monochrome and I was really trying to avoid The Aqua & Brown thing, and what's springier and more stylish than honeysuckle pink cherry quartz? I really do agonize, I promise these things don't come together as easily as it would seem upon seeing the finished product. I'm sure everyone else does that too. But sometimes it feels like I spend hours putting together just the right combo for a very simple pair of earrings or something. Anyway, the simple, but agonized-over butterfly necklace:

Finally, here's a pair of amethyst earrings with some fine silver dangly leaf charms. I made those Thursday I think.

The reason I had to make those necklaces last night was because I had a hair appointment this morning, and I wanted to bring in some fresh new pieces to the salon. Jeanne loved everything I brought, and even my picky sister really liked a couple of the earrings. But sadly, not one thing sold since my last trip there, which was about 3 weeks ago. I can only assume it was because it's Jazz Fest season, and most of her clientele are Jazz Fest fans. 

For those of you who aren't familiar with Jazz Fest, it's a 2 week long music festival here in New Orleans, that attracts hundreds of thousands of people every year. It can be quite expensive, by the time you buy your tickets and buy all the wonderful Creole, Cajun, and Carribbean food (not to mention alcohol). It's very easy to spend well over $100 a day. So hopefully after people's budgets recover from Jazz Fest, they'll get back to buying my jewelry!

P.S. Happy Mothers Day to all you mothers out there!

P.P.S. As if my poor dog hasn't been through enough lately, she got stung by a bee last night! She's okay now, but she was limping and licking her paw for hours. Poor baby!


  1. Oh Heidi! I looove that neclace. Really awkward colors, I agree. But the way you put it together is p e r f e c t! You know it is the Swedish colors do you!?! 6th of June is our national day, and has become a holiday since only a few years back. I could easily wear it on that day, or any other of the very Swedish special day's. The flower is so awesome also, great find.

  2. beautiful beautiful pieces there Heidi, you are very brave with the yellow and blue, yellow is normally a colour i steer away from, but your finished necklace is lovely, and inspiring.
    Hope your pooch is better soon

  3. This post is educational on so many levels: first of all, always look in your stash before searching for new things to buy, over 60% you'll realize the perfect beads are already in your possession. Second, sometimes it pays to be unconventional and try new colour combinations you've never thought of before, instead of settling for the tried and proved (safe) combo. And lastly, nothing beats hard work and dedication!

  4. Thanks everyone - it really can be rewarding to step out of your comfort zone every now and then. I just wish I could wear that yellow necklace - I would keep it for myself if so.

    Malin, now that you point it out, yes of course those are the Swedish colors. I don't think I would have come to that realization on my own though. Perhaps I should list that one on etsy - I do have quite the Swedish following according to my stats. Second only to the US.

  5. Hi Heidi - I love that necklace! I'm not usually a yellow fan in jewellery but you have totally made it work :-) Gorgeous. ANd the pink and aqua go together perfectly. L.O.V.E. it!!

  6. I have to admit, yellow is not one of my fav colors but I have to say - in your necklace I'm actually pretty fond of it:-)

  7. a friend of mine went to the jazz festival once, and she said it was fun but EXPENSIVE! ay yi yi!

    and your jewelry is so fab and unique! i hope more sells SOON! and as soon as i stop being broke i will be in the market for MORE! :0

  8. Oh wow! I'm totally digging that yellow and blue necklace. So fab! Of course, the other two pieces are just as amazingly beautiful as well. Wonderful work!! Best of luck on getting them sold.

    Since I'm just a hop, skip, and jump from N.O. I definitely know what Jazz Fest is (in fact I skipped my Senior Prom to go to Jazz Fest instead ;) ) And, BOY was it expensive. I almost had a heat stroke there because the water fountain lines were SO LONG and it was WAY too costly for a high school kid like myself to buy the $3.50 canned drinks and $5.00 bottled waters. Thank goodness for the blocks of ice that were being passed around to keep up cool!

  9. Thanks again everyone :) I want to be this stoked about EVERY piece of jewelry that I make!

  10. Oh how cool! I have that vintage pendant in cream and blue, but I've NEVER seen the yellow and blue! You really lucked into that one! Awesome work on all of them!

  11. Psst --- check out my blog, you won something! I need an address now!


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