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Saturday, June 4, 2011

A Mermaid & Synchronicity

I finally used my first Green Girl piece that I've been hoarding for a while now. I'd always known the mermaid would be hanging onto a piece of sari silk, but I'd envisioned much brighter aqua colors. However, I went with this lightly shimmery sea foam green piece, and that dictated the rest of the color scheme. Labradorite chips and mauve Czech crystals, plus some gunmetal chain and a vintage rhinestone button finish off the design. I'm quite pleased with it. The colors are understated, which is a nice contrast for everything that's going on with the necklace. It looks great on too!

Last night, I went on an earring making binge! I have an event next weekend, and I need to have lots of jewelry with me. Every year, I donate and volunteer for our local PBS's televised Art Auction. This year, I donated the necklace I made for the last Bead Soup Blog Party. I can't wait to see what happens! I get so nervous watching my creations on TV and hearing the bids come in (or not come in).

Well, the auction starts next weekend and the other volunteers always insist that I bring my jewelry. I went to my hair salon today to pick up everything there as well, so I should have a pretty good selection for people to peruse. I really hope things sell well because there's a particular piece of art being auctioned that I have EVERY intention of owning. And the more I sell, the higher I can bid on that piece. I will post all about it when I win it, because I will!!!

Anyway, here are some of the earrings I made last night.

 Quartz w/ annealed steel wire. I admit I was inspired by Malin de Koning here. (Please forgive me Malin!!! Yours are so much better anyway ♥)

 Jasper, carved bone, and Czech crystal.

 Dyed jade, quartz, Czech glass, & copper.

Dyed jade, Imperial jasper, & gunmetal discs.

Amazonite, labradorite, Czech crystals, vintage rhinestone rondelles & antiqued brass cones.
I kinda freaked out an hour or so ago when I checked my email and saw one of those 2-Day Designer Closeout Sale Things (Rue La La, Haute Look, Beyond the Rack, etc.), and one of my favorite jewelry designers, Lori Leavitt was featured. I excitedly clicked the link, eager to see what was available. And what did I see but this!

  It's just like the earrings I made last night! Great minds, and all that I guess...


  1. Loving ALL your earrings! Gorgeous! Good luck with the auction and I hope you get the art work you are after!
    Deb x

  2. I love the asymmetrical positioning of the mermaid.

  3. Heidi! I'm sitting here kind of laughing now. I just called Mark to pop in here as I heard he was on his way to the kitchen (he's gonna make milk shakes for all of us, I got to choose my flavour, asked for strawberry or other berry/jam).

    Anyways, I showed him the picture of your earrings and said "I think Heidi has been inspired by ME" with a slightly raised voice. Now I need to explain to you I generally look at the pictures in a post first, and then I read the text. So after he had said "Yes definately", I said in a somewhat more quieter voice. "Oh, she even says it here ...".

    Do I need to add I feel a bit stupid now? And very very honoured of course! Thank you so much! :-)

    Love all your new pieces!!!! The necklace is super nice!

    The milkshake just arrived. It was chocolate flavoured!?! But very nice!

  4. If you made some more earrings like the last pair, only purple, I would probably take them off your hands...

  5. Heidi!

    Love the mermaid necklace! And I'm totally into the clear crystal earrings with annealed wire; they're like tiny lanterns! Fun!


  6. omg! that necklace is so rad! and i LOVE the last pair of earrings!!!

  7. Your earring designs are awesome! I am sure you can sell them easily at a good price at the jewelry auction.


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