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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

More Soup and a Unicorn if You Can Handle It!

Since my partner, Gretchen Nation, received her soup - I'll show you what I sent her. She said she intends to blog about it by tomorrow, I think? Since her style is definitely vintage and on the delicate side, I decided to send her a rustic / organic / nature themed soup.

I can't wait to see what she'll do with it! The leaf is by my friend Jessi who's made some other beautiful pendants I've used.

Now, here's some stuff I made over the weekend -- some of which derived from Heather's Big Box o' Vintage Goodness.

I bought that Sterling Unicorn head from Beadaholique some time ago, and I was just waiting for the right piece to come together. That drilled river rock has a purple tint to it that's hard to discern from the photo. I'll have to reshoot it if I put it on etsy.

The gold plated Aspen leaf, as well as the Mexican coins & some of the various beads and chain used throughout are from Heather's box. Now, I want to finish another piece I started the other night, and then I can start playing with my soup!


  1. I like the gold plated leaf pendant, looks sort of Indian inspired with the wire wrapped beads but at the same time very modern and sleek.
    And the horse pendant is a winner :-)

  2. That was a very nice soup selection you sent.Fabulous leaf focal.
    I am loving the coins on the earrings, great job.

  3. Wonderful soup - can't wait to see what Gretchen does with it:-)

  4. Gorgeous! I love what you have sent Gretchen - that leaf is especially beautiful. And your jewellery is stunning, as always :-)

  5. If she's vintage and delicate, that will push her out of her zone!


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