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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A Mother of Pearl Buckle as Focal

I think this buckle might have come in Heather's first Box o' Vintage Goodies. The chain, which I believe is sterling, and is definitely old, came from her second box. The rhinestone button dangle was my grandmother's. Of course a piece of sari fabric ribbon had to be included, and a pewter hook clasp finishes it off. I like it, but I think it's a bit too unusual for the salon. It's going to have to go on etsy.

Oh, and the painting in the background was something I painted in college. I gave it to a dear friend for her birthday and I've missed it ever since. Last year, she decided it was time to downsize her life and keep only what she needed to live. It was a total surprise when I received it in the mail. I'm so glad to have her back! Though I have to say I totally envy my friend's minimalism!


  1. hmmm...maybe you'll keep it for yourself? It looks superb on you.

  2. Absolutely *love* this. Gorgeous selection of colours and textures and looks vintage-classy!

  3. Thanks ladies. I thought to put it on that painting, because she looks like she'd be wearing it. I don't know that I own a single thing to go with it...

  4. very interesting! so beautiful and so unique!!!!


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