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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Raku Key Necklace

So here's the necklace I referred to last blog. It's nice, and I'm going to leave it as is for now. It's not *The Best Thing I've Ever Made!!!* -- which is something I aspire to feel after everything I make! Of course none of us actually do, but I had higher hopes for this for some reason. Nonetheless, it's not too bad.

The pendant was made by my friend Jessi, the crystals are from my mom's chandelier (destroyed by Katrina, salvaged by me and my nieces), and the other bits are labradorite chips, freshwater pearl chips, and hematite nuggets (that look deceivingly like pearls).


  1. I think it's beautiful! One of the best things you ever made in fact. :-)

    Well described there about what we aspire to feel after the completion of every piece we make. Very true!

  2. Well thanks, Malin :) It's weird how often it is that the things people like best, aren't the ones I do - and vice versa. It really happens all the time! I think my main problem with this is the chips. I tend to prefer chips as cameo appearances and not in larger supporting roles. Otherwise, I love the crystals. I love the hematite. It's just the colors of the chips went so perfectly with the pendant!

  3. So many pretty "bits & pieces" that came together to make a gorgeous necklace!!

  4. Dang that's beautiful! I think so anyway - love it!! It's also neat that there's pieces of your Mom's chandelier,...way cool!!

    1. Thanks Shel! I'm glad to put her old chandelier to good use :)

  5. Hi Hei!
    New over here. That's a yumtious piece of neck dangle going on there.
    I was thinking about what you were saying about Ashes to Ashes contacts, and got to thinking about resin discs with stuff in or on. How about you have a go at that? If you don't, I will!!!
    I'm off to visit your shop now .....
    Petra xx

  6. Hi Petra! Welcome to my blog. It's not nearly as funny as yours, but it'll do. I've never played with resin, but I'm liking the sound of your idea. I'll mull it over and see what I can think of.

  7. i think it is beautiful! kind of reminds me of the catacombs! i don't know why i am telling you that, and i mean it in a good way!

  8. I am in love with the pendant!! The whole piece strikes me as very steampunk. If you wear it, be sure to bring it by to show off :)

  9. Firstly, how did I miss this post?? Gah! Secondly, it is lovely! A really stunning pendant. ANd freshwater pearl chips! WHat an idea! I love them. I love the colours you are drawn to. They seem are magical and have a wonderful mix of the vintage and the contemporary, which is echoed in those chandelier crystals. Beautiful.


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