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Sunday, February 5, 2012

What a Weekend!

I finally joined the Cult of iPhone! I wanted to be an Android person, and maybe I would have stayed one if my Hero hadn't been so slow and incapable. My contract was up on the 1st, so I went out shortly thereafter and got myself a 4S. It's wonderful!

As if that wasn't exciting enough, we bought a Tempur-pedic Cloud Luxe California King bed! I can't wait until it arrives on Friday, but it's just as well, because it turns out stores around here tend not to stock California King size bedding. I ordered a comforter set online last night, but I still have to get some sheets. I thought sure I could find some at TJ Maxx or Marshall's today, but I was wrong about that! I know I can get some good deals online, but I'd prefer to get some in person so I can feel them and see if I like the fabric. The bed at the store was on some sort of base that could elevate the feet or the head or both, and massage as well. I was so ready to go for the whole shebang, but it turned out, it was a ridiculous amount of money that we didn't need to be spending right now. But there's nothing saying we can't add it on later if we so choose...

Anyway, here's what I did find at Marshall's! I call them The Twins. They're 16" I think, and will be a great addition to my prop family!

Because I was such a busy bee today, and to prepare for the new bed/bedding, I finally managed to get frames for some adorable Cori Dantini prints I'd bought last year. They look kind of sad hanging up on the big wall, and the frames and mats just blend right in with the wall, but that's just how it's going to be. For now anyway. We're not going to live here forever. And it's not like the curtains match anything!

I also made a necklace with my first Round Rabbit piece! I'll be listing it on Etsy shortly.


  1. Wow, you really were busy! A phone, a bed, sheets ordered (and searched for), new displays, art framed and hung, and a new FABULOUS necklace made. Awesome. How do you fit so much in in a weekend. You probably don't sleep late do you? Hmmmmmm.....

  2. WOOHOO! girl, you've got it going on! i bet you will love the iphone! make sure to try out instagram. it is SO FUN if you like to take pictures!

    and a new bed? i am so jealous. they sure cost a flipping fortune! and don't get me started on my rant about buying sheets. blargh! it drives me crazy. good sheets are so great, but SO EXPENSIVE, and so many are such a let down.


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