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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Activity Modification

Some of you may know I've been having some back issues lately. Well, I got the results of my MRI last week, and it turns out I have two, yes TWO ruptured discs. Hooray! That's what 15 years of sitting at a desk'll do ya. When you're me, anyway. What can I do? Well, not too much really. Surgery? Noooooo. Cortisone epidural? Thanks, I'll pass. The Brace From Hell? Eh, if it gets to the point of OMG-I-CAN'T-MOVE again. Activity Modification? Okay, that I can deal with. No heavy lifting. No bending over. Okay, okay. I shall squat to pick up after my dog on our thrice-daily walks. I will have Thighs of Steel by the time this is all over. Which is approximately... never. My doctor told me I was just going to accept the fact that no matter what, I will be living with "lower back weakness" for the rest of my life. Yippee! I'm starting PT tomorrow for an unrelated shoulder problem (when exactly did I turn 80? I must have missed it). So I'm going to ask him about the best things I can do for my back. And if he thinks I should have PT for it, my Dr. said he'll write up official orders. I think he's just a believer in the be careful and don't do anything stupid method. And walking.  As for my workspace (at work), I've got it as ergonomically organized as I can manage now. Oh, and my dad bought me one of these things. Ha! He's got a few and he loves them. Mostly, I've just given my dog long-distance ear rubs with it, which she doesn't seem to mind.

The good news: I never have to change the water in the water cooler ever again! 

So of course, two days after I got this information I had an art market I had agreed to do. Bending and heavy lifting galore! Fortunately, my mom, a sister and niece came out to help set up, and the niece stayed the whole time. I didn't sell a whole lot - it was one of those weekly markets that brings mainly browsers unless it's a holiday. But I covered my table fee and made a bit extra. Plus I made some new friends, and that was the best part. It was a young couple - she was from here, he was from Mexico, but they met in Wyoming. She's about to give birth any second now, so they came back home to be close to her family. He's a potter, and she does the glazing. At the end of the day, we made a little trade where she got a couple of pairs of earrings and I got a couple of their beautiful mugs!

Here's the only shot I took of my table.

Here are the mugs.

Here's a gratuitous picture of a little tree frog I took at my parents' house the night before my market.

I've been sloooooooooowly working on one necklace this week. But between back pain and laziness, I haven't even managed to finish that. And now that I have all my stuff back from the salon, a lot of it will be going up on etsy. I've already listed three things last night. Go me! This, this, and this. I'll need to get a bunch of new stuff made to take over to the salon. I have a hair appointment on the 1st anyway, so I'm sure I can get motivated to make a few new things. I certainly hope so.


  1. You poor thing back pain is miserable - although I have to tell you my Dad had the cortisone epidural and it did give him relief! He did need 3 total to make most of the pain go away but it made a big difference for him XOXO

  2. Oh my!!! Ruptured disks!!!
    Ask your doctor if yoga and stuff would help you. Not the very complicated poses, but the stretches. And heating helps a lot too. Hope you feel better soon, am hating one of fav people being in pain :((

  3. That's not good :-( but on the plus side, you have an incredibly positve attitude about it which is great.

  4. Love your table set-up (and its location)! Do NOT love my two ruptured disks. I truly empathize. Ice, stretches, and a good massage therapist saved learning what the new limits are. Jewelry-making is almost as bad as the heavy lifting I was doing in the garden, but with moderation you do get your life back. Really. Take care.

  5. be good to your back and take it easy. i hope you can find a treatment that is kind to your body.

  6. So cool to speak to you last night! :-) I really hope the physio can help. It's good to keep the muscles strong around weak points to take the pressure of them, so I hope that they can give you some help with your back as well as your shoulder. And we'd better both get on with that yoga....I feel my back complaining (a lot) when I have to stand for more than about 15 mins. I am fine with walking, so I'm thinking it's my clearly shocking posture. Probably the boobs! But I figure that yoga and pilates are the way to go. Just need to persuade Helen now......Saw those RR keyholes by the way - they are AWESOME. I may have to get one.....I'm going to see my sister in a concert tomorrow evening so not sure if I will be around and these things are always so much harder by phone internet, but I will do my best!

  7. So sorry to hear about your terrible back pain, I suffer with mine also, have done since I was a kid, I'm not very responsible with mine, I do things that I shouldn't all the time, my doctor is always telling me off. Ah well.
    Glad you had a good day at the market, those mugs are great!!

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