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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Not Quite Back to Normal

I haven't blogged in ages - I'm sure you've all been crying yourselves to sleep at night about it, right? Okay, maybe not. But I have a good excuse. About a month ago I hurt my back. I wish I had a fun story about it like a battle with a Sasquatch or a unicycle-on-a-tightrope mishap, but no. It had been generally sore for awhile (bodies are not meant to sit at a desk for 8 hours a day), and one day - and you beading ladies will understand this - I was at Michael's. There was a big sale on Bead Gallery beads, plus I had a 20% off everything coupon, so I wanted to make sure I took advantage and bought all the little filler beads I wanted. You know how at Michael's, you look at the beads at eye level, then you have to stoop down and look at the bottom beads. Then stand up, take a step to the right and repeat 8-10 times 'til you've seen everything? Well that's when it happened. Every time I stooped down I thought, "OUCH! I probably shouldn't stoop down again." And then I kept doing it until it all went very very wrong. 

So I spent the following week on the couch watching The IT Crowd on Netflix and napping. I finally got an appointment with my orthopedist, and he made me wear this torture device of a brace for 2 weeks (even while sleeping). It was miserable. As you can imagine, I didn't particularly feel like making very much jewelry. Plus I was doped up on painkillers and muscle relaxers, so I wasn't very interested in doing much. During that time, I had to make my Bead Soup pieces, and managed to pull it off. I am very sad to report that this past Sunday, I was wearing the bracelet when it flew off my wrist and that gorgeous toggle shattered on the tile floor. It broke my heart -- I really loved it!

Anyway, my back's still kinda sore but at least I'm out of that dangbusted brace. Of course it hurts most when I'm sitting down at work, but I can't take a month off, so I must suffer and remember to get up every hour and walk around. I've got a kneeling chair now, but I can't sit in it all day. It's good to switch back and forth with my other chair. 

Point is, I haven't made a whole lot of jewelry in the past month! Other than my Bead Soup stuff, this is what I've done lately. 

 Focal by Lynn Davis, birdie by me, hematite nuggets, mookaite, agate, dalmatian jasper, & carnelian.

Copper poppy clasp by Daisychainextra, ceramic focal by Bo Hulley, faceted pearl, carnelian, mystery purple and tan stone, copper, waxed linen. 

 Ceramic bird focal by Kylie Parry, Czech glass, crystal, antique brass,  wood beads, waxed linen.

Ceramic focal by Round Rabbit, bone bead, and copper. 

Ceramic Shotgun House by Jessi, mookaite, new Czech glass (green), and vintage Czech glass (blue) from old Mardi Gras beads.

Sardonyx agate.

I custom ordered this mini-me bead from Soul Silver and I just LOVE it! I'm totally not vain at all, no. I'm going to make a necklace out of her eventually, but for now she just keeps me company in my computer/jewelry making area.


  1. I missed your blog posts! You and Malin have both had quite a bit of blog silence and I kept checking in with both of you, lol :-) I hope your back's clearing up, sounds like a total nightmare. I know I need to do some yoga to prevent ending up like my stiff old 62 year old mum as even at 31 I'm aware I am beginning to head that way....but I haven't done any for ages.....bad Rebecca. You have made loads despite your back.....I'm hard pressed to pick a fave but I love your (smackwater jack bought a...) shotgun house necklace, and the Lynn Davis/ex post facto bird necklace, and the Bo bracelet.....lots of gorgeousness here. There's no Michaels here so my back is safe....for now! I have slight hyper curvature of my lumber spine so those kneeling chairs are no good for me but I can see how they could work otherwise, possibly even quite comfy?

  2. Oh my, poor girl! Hope your are feeling better soon. And the pieces you've made in the meantime are gorgeous!

  3. I thought that you were just busy having fun and enjoying all the summer festivals in NO. I had no idea that your back was *still* hurting! Had I known, I would have been emailing you--I'm so sorry.

    I can sympathize. Back in my twenties & thirties, I had a lot of sciatica problems. Knock on wood--no real back issues lately. I hope you heal completely and never have to deal with back pain again.

    I love your new work. It actually looks like a lot of work for someone who hasn't been feeling 100% up to par. I think my favorite is the necklace featuring the Round Rabbit focal but it's hard to choose. They are all beautiful!

    Sorry about your glass toggle. I'm terribly clumsy with bracelets so, I'm certain the same thing would have happened to me (and probably even sooner).

  4. Glad to hear your feeling better. Your mini-me bead is adorable. Love the first photo necklace and your bird is great. I just made some polymer clay birds myself, I love how yours looks on that necklace. I also see we shop at the same rabbit store :) I have that same pendant and I love what you did with yours, mine is still in my hoarder cubby.

  5. I'm sorry about your back! The funny/sad thing is, these past two weeks I've been dealing with back issues, too -- from stooping over to weed my husband's garden (that's the last time I do work outside!). So I feel your pain! In fact, Sir Mixalot told me he's writing me a song called Baby's Got Backache.

    Bad rap jokes aside, I love the jewelry projects! That birdie is so cute.

  6. All great looking creations!!!!!!
    What a sweet portrait bead. Great idea.

  7. so sorry to hear about your back and your toggle breaking. I guess it's been a terrible month :-(
    as always your jewellery is amazing and I'm in awe at how much you got done considering your back pain

  8. Oh Heidi! You should squat, not stoop! Please remember that for future bead store visits! Sounds nothing less than torture what you had to go through :( Very very sorry to hear that :((

    And you have been more productive with a bad back than I have ever been healthy as a horse! Love everything I see here (jewelry-wise. The pain story has me wincing)

  9. I've absolutely been missing you! And a story about breaking your back looking at beads isn't too shabby a story. . .
    I hate that your toggle broke and that you're still in so much pain, but what you HAVE made is really gorgeous. . really. Here's hoping you get back to feeling like yourself soon. You're in my thoughts. {Hugs. . .very gentle hugs}

  10. Back pain is just about the worst. I used to have it but haven't in awhile. My pain now is my elbows from repetive motion at work. :( It's a killer too!

  11. Welcome back! Back pain is horrible. Hope you feel great soon!

  12. So amazing, it must be special, my friend will be surprised when they see me, aha

  13. Wow, beautiful accessories!! Love them. Creatively designed, appreciate it.

  14. These are really pretty. I wouldn't have imagined those colors together, looking fantastic.

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  15. what is this kind of jewelry? for where can i use this last image?
    Engraved Jewellery

  16. Wow your color schemes are amazing!!!
    Very inspirational for my Hand Beaded Jewelry work.....


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