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Friday, January 30, 2015

Stacked Earrings Challenge!!!

It's a real challenge getting me to blog. But here I am to share with you the results of Malin's Stacked Earrings Challenge!

For those of you who don't know Malin de Koning, she is an incredibly generous and talented Swedish designer. She selected a very lucky few of us and sent us all the same beads from her enormous stash.

What an eclectic selection! We were allowed to use as many of our own beads as we wished, so long as we used at least 3 of hers in each pair. The number of pairs we made was entirely up to us. I think I have the least of all, with a measly four pairs. But I've had a ton going on lately. Crazy busy at work, a root canal (ugh), and organizing a trunk show for myself and a friend - who's another brilliant designer.

So I'm actually pretty proud of myself for getting these done!

In the order they were created...

I really like these. I included some lampwork beads from bluhealer and copper findings, with my own ear wires. 

Are these stacked enough? They're kind of squat to be stacked, but I think they apply. They look like little UFOs or flying stuffed cookies or something. I could see myself wearing these regularly.

These aren't really a far cry from a style I've made before. These little wooden beads just lend themselves to this sort of Asian, zen style design. 

Last but not least, the wildcard. (aka, the Punky Brewster earrings) I spent entirely too long stacking these and many other beads in numerous iterations. I never could figure it out. Until I did. If you look at the original beads photo, you'll see Malin only provided us with one of those little yellow metal flowery beadcaps, and one in purple. However! She had sent me a few in a long ago trade, so I pulled the other one out and used it here! I'm pretty sure the purple color of the other one inspired the purple bead on top though. And for bonus fun, those yellow flowers at the bottom came from the amazing Rebecca's bead shop. She's amazing for many reasons, not least of which is that she whipped up 5 pairs of earrings at the last minute for this challenge. I'm sure they're fabulous though, as everything she creates is!

Claire & Leah are also brilliantly creative and constantly make the most inspirational pieces. Everyone loves Leah's chubby birdies, roses, and other adorable critters. And Claire! She's the queen of stacked earrings. Every time she blogs, I drool over her earrings. I was rather intimidated to be in such an exclusive challenge with her when Malin first asked us!

But here we are, we've all made our pieces. I can't even wait to see what everyone else did! Be sure to check them out too. And thank you Malin for this fun challenge!

Claire Lockwood - SomethingToDoWithYourHands -

Leah Curtis - BeadyEyedBunny -

Rebecca Anderson - SongBead -

Heidi Post - ExPostFacto -

Malin de Koning - BeadingByMalindeKoning -


  1. Wow! Love the top pair and absolutely ADORE the last pair - all that stacking and re-stacking was worth it!

  2. And proud you should be! I love the first pair and the last pair is gorgeous as well. Beautiful job, Heidi!

  3. I can't tell how happy I am with the result of this challenge and all the wonderful creations that has been made by everyone.

    Heidi, what lovely creations you've made. I really really like the first pair. I love how the green glass disc is sitting/flying there on it's own. Creates a very interesting overall shape together with the next section. And the last pair. It looks like you've had great fun making those (even though you kind of tell us you had something of a struggle with them). So much yellow. Very happy :-).

    Thank you so much for joining in on this.

  4. Beautiful earrings all but # 1 and 4 are my favorites drenched with so much color.

  5. Yay! You're back in the bloggin room :-) At least for now! I love what you've made. I never would have thought of those wooden beads being zen, but you're absolutely right, like pebbles. My favourites have to be the wildcards though - wow! I wish I in any way suited yellow to wear, they are so awesome! Really happy, zingy and fun. Just perfect!

  6. You have no idea how excited I was to see your name on this list, I was fairly certain you weren't blogging anymore (and I've missed that terribly)!! I think your earrings are really fantastic. The Punky Brewster ones are my favorite.
    I hate to hear you've had so much going on, but do hope the trunk show is a success!
    I'm glad to see you here again and hope you show off more of your beautiful work more often!


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