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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Stacked Earrings Challenge #2

Admittedly, I held this one up a little by having to go and get shoulder surgery. The nerve of me, right? Well, I'll tell you what - it sucks! It hurts! And I haven't been able to make jewelry in 3 weeks.

The time in between receiving my beads from Claire - this time's host - and the date of the surgery was just a few days, so I made four pairs as quickly as I could and took the photos just in time! The problem with being the only American in this group is that I'm inevitably last to get my beads.

With any luck, by the time our next host Leah's beads arrive, I'll be outta the sling and able to get back to jewelry with ease. Though I fear it'll still be slow going. You wouldn't think making a little wire loop had much to do with your shoulder, but I'm realizing a lot about these things lately.

Onward with the reveal! I borrowed Malin's group photo, as I forgot to take one myself. But this is the collection of beads that Claire sent us. Such a fun selection!

This first pair I made was this purple number. I tried many configurations until I realized linen cord was the best way to go, and also add even MORE purple! Photographing clear beads is not the easiest, but as you can see, everything here that's not metal or the cord comes from Claire's assortment.

Next up, the green ones. I believe most of this is from Claire's stash as well. I know the copper discs on top were mine, as are the uppermost wood beads. The bottomest might be mine too. But hey, they're cute and according to the style pull out in a recent paper, Kelly Green is back in a big way. I thought Marsala was the color we were supposed to care about. I'm not as up on all the other Pantone decrees this year as I usually am.

Because I'm a girl that finds it very hard not to include at least a teensy bit of bling in her designs, I had to throw in some rhinestones here, because I thought they were a nice pairing with the pink crackle beads. The turquoise discs at the bottom are mine, as are the rhinestones and silver tiny rondelles, but the rest are Claire's. Pink and turquoise are a classic 80's color combo, throwing back to the 50's, throwing back to Deco. So the rhinestones totally fit that concept, and the 80's comeback still hasn't gone away yet, so yeah. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Finally, I made these. It was my intention to use the little mint green drops (upper right in the group photo) in place of the blue drops on the bottom, but I can't be trusted with delicate beads and wire. Alas, I broke the first one right away and cursed my brutish hands then went on a hunt for a suitable replacement. Everything else but the silver flower spacers came from Claire.

You know what else aggravates a sore shoulder? Too much typing. I'm out!

Go check to see what everyone else did now. I'm going to as well!

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    1. Oh Heidi - Your poor shoulder! I hope you're back to beading soon. Loving your earrings. I particularly like the first (nice cord detail!) and the last (lovely shape!), although I'm quite taken with the 80s pair too... Kelly green the next big thing? I find that shade such a struggle - you managed to make it work!

    2. Gorgeous parings! If there is one piece of jewelry I'm always certain to wear, it's earrings! My fav among those you created is the Crystal Cup Chain pair..that was a great idea.

    3. All great designs. Fun with the 50's/80's ones. The first pair are my absolute favorites out of the lot. Love all the added extra purple touch with the string. The last pair has a rather 20's/30's feel to them. Hope your shoulder is on the mend.

    4. Love what you've created with these beads Heidi! I've been checking out all the creations from the designers in this blog hop. I think my favourite of yours is the pair with rhinestones. I'm a sucker for a little bling!

    5. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE all of these!! I cannot even pick a favorite. I do love what you did with the glass leaves in the green earrings. And, I agree. . .Kelly green is a much better color than that Marsala Pantone has selected. You did an excellent job with this challenge despite your own physical challenge. I hope your healing is speedy and you are doing better in no time.

    6. Pretty earrings. Ingenious(spelling?) how you used the Rhinestone strip, love it.

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