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Monday, February 7, 2011

My latest acquisition

I got a superfabulous OTT Lite™ yesterday and so far I am loving it! For those of you who don't know what an OTT Lite™ is, it's this:

Or at least that's the model I got HALF PRICE! Michael's is having a sale this week on all their OTT lighting. To read all about its awesomeness, and why I had to have it, click here.

And just so you can see how happy it makes me:

Steve was cracking up at his view of me and insisted I pose for the picture. It's pretty funny though, so I had to share it. Pardon my old raggedy hanging around the house on a Sunday shirt.

The OTT Lite™ came in extra handy when I was painting my latest batch of Paper Clay Birds last night - the light fixture over the kitchen table is fun & funky, but it's pretty dim. And my eyes, much like the Old Grey Mare, ain't what [they] used to be. OTT to the rescue!


  1. um, this picture is hilarious! and congrats on the score!!!

  2. lol, thanks y'all. I was pretty amused ;)

  3. he he!! I love that photo of you - so funny! Were the perchance a bird or two pour MOI that you were painting...???! Exciting!!

  4. As a matter of fact, it was several tealy/aqua birds :) I just made a few more, and I have some glazing techniques I want to play with. Hopefully the whole line will be ready to show off by this weekend.

  5. great photo moment! I love my OTT lite!!


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