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Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Paper Clay Birds are Finished

I've been working on these all week, with all the time required for drying between steps. There are a couple more I haven't finished - but this is quite a good start. If anyone would like one, just let me know in the comments or email me. Since I don't have an etsy shop set up, I figured it would be easy enough to just do it like this. Each item is $7. Shipping is $2 (any additional items are free). I will send you a PayPal invoice. And I guess it's first come first serve. Rebecca gets first dibs, however, as she was the first person to say she wanted a bird or two!

If I am going about this in a totally horrible or tactless way, please let me know. I just wanted to get these out here and see if anyone was even interested. If things go well, I will definitely start listing things on etsy or somewhere similar. The only bird totally not for sale is the pink one, which was a custom order for a necklace for a very good customer & friend.

I hope everyone likes them! I'm having a blast making them. I'm sure Steve is getting sick of me showing him each new bird I paint like it's a newly discovered Picasso or something ;)

This is everything, below are various close-ups. 
Click any image to see it Super Size!

In other news: My dog's looking and feeling a whole lot better, even though she still has a week to go before she has her stitches out. AND!!! I finished my Bead Soup Blog Party necklace tonight. I never get things done ahead of time either. Go me!


  1. So glad your doggie is feeling better!

    Now, I'm going to have to restrain myself with your lovely birdies....I could seriously buy them all...! Could I possibly buy the red one, the wee green one on the left and the two blue ones right at the top???! Beautiful work Heidi!

  2. Those birdies are awesome sauce!

    I'm happy your pup is on the mend. Please give him extra kisses from me and Chels.


  3. Thanks y'all! When I was cleaning up my bird making area last night, I found one little guy who escaped painting! I still have some more to do - the hummingbird, one of the weird monster heads, the butterfly. But I'm putting it away for now so I can focus on a few new jewelry designs that have been percolating for the last week. But I'll get back to the rest before too long I'm sure.

  4. These guys are adorable. If you ever decide to expand your repertoire to include other animals as well say ummm... kitties I'd be all over it. What can I say an incurable cat person.
    So so happy to hear your dog is doing better.

  5. too cute..hope your doggie is feeling better!

  6. glad your doggie is feeling better!

    and it must have been fun to stick pins in all of these little guys. lol. i'd like to stick pins in my boss right about now. grr!

    hope you have a fab weekend!


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