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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Finally! A Give Away!

Oh me, oh my. Yesterday I went to our quarterly bead and gem show. Having missed the past two, I went absolutely hog wild and spent twice my budget! Whoops! But there were SO. MANY. GORGEOUS. STONES. I even broke down and splurged on a few more expensive items. But, that will just inspire me to get busy, which is something I've really been trying to do lately. There's been so much going on, and this darn oppressive heat just saps the life out of me. The ideas have been coming to me though, so after I'm done with this, I will get started! I'll post pics of my new loot at the bottom after all the other important info.

Now for the give away part!!!

After having an etsy shop for ages, I finally managed to list a bunch of items! So in honor of the occasion, I'm doing this give away AND a coupon code for my shop! The code is: FINALLY and that gets you 15% off. US Shipping is always free (unless you want tracking/insurance), and International is only $3 (unless you want tracking/insurance). The code will be good through the end of July. Just type it in when you're placing your order and etsy will do the rest for you.

The winner will get to choose which pair of earrings she (or he) wants. But wait! The runner up will get the other pair! So we have TWO WINNERS! That's pretty exciting. Right? The winners will be announced next Sunday, July 17th.

Both pairs feature bead caps / dangles made by me from decorative tins.

And you all know the drill right?

1: Follow my blog (people who already follow - just comment, you'll be entered!)
2: Mention my give away / etsy shop on your Blog / Facebook / Twitter

Leave separate comments for each, and you'll be entered for each act of social media kindness :) 

Thank you all in advance for playing along. I could really use a few etsy sales to take some of the sting out of my gem & bead show binge!!!!


  1. Ooh, you picked up so many lovely beads to play with! Both of your earrings are so pretty, what a hard choice that would be! Thanks for the chance!!

  2. So lovely what fun you must of had. Your earrings are divine.

  3. Those are Very cool Heidi! Especially love the red floral ones. Beautiful work ~ :)

  4. those earrings are fantastic! And you got a great haul of cool beads!

  5. Your jewerly is beautiful & these earrings do not disappoint! I can't wait to see what you create with your new beads!! Thanks for the opportunity to win a gorgeous pair of earrings! For some reason I can't get my comment to go through using my blogger account so I had to go anonymous. But if I win, you can reach me at alicia _ coats (at) hotmail (dot) com. Thanks!

  6. Greta earrings. Love those tin cups! Adorable!

  7. How did I miss commenting? I read this post when it came out and totally thought I had.....gorgeous. I love those bead caps, very pretty.

  8. And I even reblogged! Woohoo, I didn't know you could do that. X

  9. oh such pretty earrings...and I love the treasures you bought!

    It won't let me post except Anon.!

  10. following you on FB and joined your blog list.

    bonnie dot jobe46 at gmail dot com

  11. Hello
    I am now a follower.
    Hope I am not too late!

  12. Hello I've followed you on my blog reader, but now officially on your reader list.

  13. Thank you!! Love both of your earrings!!
    cstonefield6 at gmail dot com


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