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Monday, July 18, 2011

Wish List Monday

Amy from Copper Diem started something new last week: Wish List Monday. She had some lovely picks today. I'm going to play along this week, and you should too. Click the blue starfish at the bottom to visit Amy's page.

I want pretty much everything in Elukka's shop!

I ♥ Cori's art! I already have two, but I want them all!

I adore Vaivanat's felt work. Maybe I'll treat myself to this for my birthday?

An Italian Greyhound. Hatz4brats uses hers for models, and makes the silliest, sweetest pet accessories.


  1. loving that greyhound!

    and i always want to fiddle around with felt and i NEVER DO! i need to! it looks like fun!

  2. Don't you also love that pink vest corset thing???

  3. Elukkas things are so lovely!
    I almost broke down once and bought a house! lol
    She is a really talented woman.


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