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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Sister Hair Day & More

Every couple of months, one of my sisters and I make our hair appointments together and make a big day of it with lunch and shopping or whatever other hanging out. I've mentioned it on here before. Well today was one of those days. I was in such desperate need for a cut, she took about 5 or 6 inches off! It comes just to the top of my shoulders. I didn't take pics, 'cos it was rainy and humid all day, so as soon as I left the salon, I was stuck with way more puff than is desirable. Maybe tomorrow.

So while at the salon for the first time since the end of May or so, I replenished my jewelry stock. I'd taken it all away back then, and I gave her all new stuff today with my new packaging. I think it looks a lot better. 7 necklaces and 21 pairs of earrings. I haven't made any new bracelets because no one ever buys them! Plus I have the majority of them listed on etsy. I thought for sure I took a picture of this beautiful agate, quartz and copper necklace I'd made. But apparently I hadn't. I'm so upset, 'cos I like to have pictures of everything I make -- at least the really nice things. Well, maybe if it doesn't sell in a couple of months, I'll take it back and put it on etsy.

Anyway, here's something I did remember to take pictures of. I'm really in love with it -- it features a Lynn Davis  pewter Fauxtique connector, freshwater pearls, a vintage rhinestone ball, a piece of aquamarine, and antiqued silver craftwire plus a pewter clasp. Part of me hopes no one buys it so I can steal it from myself. I know I'm not the only one who does that, right?

 (Click to enlarge!)

Another exciting piece of news is that my friend Charlotte started a blog today! She wants to participate in the upcoming Bead Soup Blog Party, and she's been meaning to do a blog anyway. She hasn't posted any photos of her jewelry yet, but believe me - it's fantastic. I'll let you know when she's got something to look at, but click on over and read what she had to say in her first blog anyway. She cracks me up.

AND! As if that's not good enough news, my friend Heather informed me she's got another Big Box of Jewelry/Stuff almost ready to send! Remember that last big box she sent in March? I can't even wait to dig through it and see what kind of goodies are in there. She's teasing me with, "deco era Czech glass, art glass, &  half a Victorian enamel buckle" !!?!?!?!!

Also, just a reminder -- my etsy coupon code (FINALLY) is still good for 15% off through the end of July, and there's no shipping! So if you've had your eye on anything, now would be a good time...


  1. Beautiful necklace again, Heidi!!!
    And please don't forget to tell us when your friend has posted the first jewelry pictures! I just hopped over to give her a warm welcome.

  2. Lovely necklace - love the connector!! Thanks again for the pretty earrings - love them!!


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