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Thursday, September 1, 2011

I Feel Like a Star!

The delightful & talented Rebecca Anderson interviewed me for her blog! Thank you so much Rebecca! Go check it out, and if you're not already following her, please do so. She makes the most lovely jewelry.

And since nobody likes a blog without pictures, I'll show you just one of the beads I bought from Golem Studio's Big Summer Sale yesterday. I splurged, since it was such a great sale and I totally love Golem pendants and it's my birthday next week and I had to get myself something special, right?

Funny, none of the beads I got were the things I had initially been drooling over, but I am quite thrilled with what I chose. This one in particular reminds me of a dress my mom made for herself in the 70s that I always liked. She recently gave it to one of my nieces. I want to be selfish and keep this one for me. Sometimes, you just have to do that! I mean, it was my birthday present to myself.


  1. Hi Heidi,
    I read the interview this morning. A great one! It is so nice to read about your inspirations and background. I especially like your Hubble connection, did you know that a really famous space photographer goes by the name of Malin, it's his surname though, but how cool isn't that, it's like you almost know him isn't it, and like I am him ... no I will come across as being a bit crazy now, won't I. Love that Golem pendant you are showing here. I totally have missed that they are having a sale. But I am broke anyway, for bead shopping so ... Anyway, BIG HUG!

  2. Well happy birthday :-) When can you shop and splurge if not on you b-day?
    Will go and check the blog and the interview

  3. This is a good business to deal. I love to collect cute pins, but very nice to pin in bags. Different designs will really be interesting.

  4. Hi Heidi!!! I found you thru Rebecca and have an absurd love for all things blue, turquoise and birdie!!! Nice to meet you! : ) XO Beautiful stuff!!!


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