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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Tea with Her Majesty

Well my first attempt at having a birthday weekend got Tropical Stormed out, but this past weekend I was able to make up for some of it. Sunday, I had my family party. My mom made my favorite --Veal Piccata and a delicious carrot cake. My 5 year old nephew helped me blow out the candles and there are photos, but they are as of yet not in my possession.

I do have plenty of photos from the English Tea Room, where some friends and I enjoyed High Tea. They brought out the Queen for a photo op. (And before anyone corrects me that pinkies out are uncouth, we were just being goofy and I am fully aware!) We had a really fun time and I left with 3 bags of tea -- Paris Black, Maple Cream, and Baroness Grey. Mmm...

The Queen and I.

 Teas and knees.

I don't think the Doctor is in here.

Also, on the day after my birthday, I received a very unexpected and wonderfully generous present in the mail! Rebecca Anderson sent me the lovely Moogin Poppy necklace of hers I'd been eyeing for months! I nearly fainted with joy when I opened the package. Thank you again Rebecca! I love it :)

I also went shopping and bought some fabulous shoes and I got my new drivers license (with a fairly decent picture, which is always a plus). And my mom introduced me to a young coworker who had seen my etsy and really liked my jewelry. She bought a few things, including some of the most favorited pieces I had on etsy: this necklace and this bracelet.

I will leave you with a necklace I made with one of the Golem Studio pendants I treated myself to for my birthday, and another necklace made with some beautiful deco bits from Heather's Big Box o' Vintage Treasures.


  1. Happy belated birthday, your picture with the queen is great.

  2. Oh what fun! I wasn't even noticing the pinkie until you mentioned it.
    I love your dress. Red is definitely your colour!

  3. Woop! Don't you look swish with her majesty :-) glad you like your new necklace - I have to say, I am gutted (sniff!) that your poppy necklace has gone to a better place.....:-) She better love it is all I can say!! The dress is a knockout on you, I agree with coffeeaddict. And I'm intrigues by Baroness Grey....I've had Earl and Lady but never Baroness.....x

  4. well happy birthday a little bit late!

    and the queen is so lucky that you made time to hang out with her. SERIOUSLY. :)

  5. another late happy birthday wish..but you know, the whole month should be yours, shouldn't it??? oh, and if you do find the Doctor? let me know (do love that show!)


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