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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Some New Earrings

Seems like all my posts lately are about new earrings. Oh well, that's what I'm making these days. Tonight, I vow I will do a couple of bracelets! I am trying to prepare for the Jewelry Party at my sister's, as well as an online Christmas Shop Hop (more on that soon).

And the pictures are courtesy of a paper towel and my cell phone. Sorry for the quality!

Yay! My new fancy amethyst brios plus some amazonite, LoSed copper wire and coppery settings I got at the show last week.

New rose quartz, little fw pearls, and some antique silver settings I recently got. And ever since, I've been seeing them around. Haha, oh well.

The new turquoise and long wooden rectangles. I keep repeating this general design, but I love these wooden rectangles for earrings. I wear mine all the time.

More turquoise and wood plus quartz & brushed silver potato chips. Plus my First Ever Made From My Hoarded Stash of Sterling Wire earwires. Go me! Usually, I'll just bend an eye pin, but I LOVE these earrings and I thought they deserved better.


  1. These are so cool! My favorite ones are the last pair - so rugged, yet refined!

    I love making earrings - they're my favorite things to create actually!!

  2. your earrings are gorgeous! i love them! but you know that already! ;)

  3. Cool,, my favs are the wooden ones. Glad to back, missed you all!


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