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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend

Nothing like spending an entire day of a holiday weekend sneezing your head off! Oh, stupid allergies. Anyway, I did manage to accomplish a little bit yesterday. Crazers went for a much needed trip to the groomer (photos below), and I watched about 75 episodes of American Pickers. I love watching that show, but they never pick the stuff I would want. I don't care about vintage motorcycle parts! I just know that they're amongst some really super cool old stuff that I would love, but they don't even show those things.

My first Marsha Neal order arrived yesterday, which was very exciting. You know how it's either MUST USE IMMEDIATELY or HOARD FOR MONTHS -- well, I was compelled in spite of the allergies to make a necklace right away. I had it mostly assembled last night before the extra strength allergy meds kicked in and I passed out. I just attached the clasp and focal, and I'm quite happy with the way it turned out. And I got to use some of my most recently acquired gems from April's gem & jewelry show.

Friday night, I threw together these little earrings with some new pieces from Dimestore Emporium.

And that's about it on the jewelry front. I was out and about most of today, so that's all I really had time to accomplish. I'm quite pleased with the necklace though, and I have a few more exciting goodies on their way to me right now, such as this extra awesome Lynn Davis piece:

Now for some pics of Crazers on her way to and from the groomer.

She's MUCH happier now :)


  1. You are right, your necklace turned out awesome!The earrings are cute too. Your doggie looks good both ways, you know how some dogs get a haircut and they don't look good until it grows back, not yours!

  2. Wow, what a great piece! I love all the wonderful gems you used. I'm sorry you are suffering such terrible allergies.

  3. Your dog is sooooo cute!

    Lovely new pieces!!!!

  4. Your necklace is great. Those gemstones are such juicy colors and really look luscious with Marsha's pendant. Crazers looks great with his summer haircut.


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