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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Back to Normal

Don't forget to enter for your chance to win the next stop on the Art Bead Love Tour!!! Drawing this Saturday May 5th!

Now that the insanity of the last two weeks of work has passed (late nights, going in on a Sunday) I finally have time to share some new stuff! One thing I made last Saturday, but it needed an adjustment, which I did last night. And the other one I did last night. Both feature items I claimed from the Art Bead Love box! I'm about ready to turn over that pesky flower focal from the last two blogs and claim one more thing. I just might do it. 


  1. Drooooling over that red cording. I need me some red cording.

  2. Beautiful! I love that bottom piece with the red cord.

  3. Those are gorgeous - I just love long necklaces

  4. Love them, especially the top one - the knotted silk works so well. It has such an organic, watery look to it - magical.

  5. OMG I had such a hard time parting with that bead!!! It looks stunning - always reminded me of petals under the water - love the blue pearls makes the color really pop too - you did


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