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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Birds! Birds! Biiiiiiiiirds!!!

We all have Bird Fever, don't we? I've always loved them. Some day, I will have to post all the pictures of me with the various birds that have for whatever reason decided they wanted me to hold them and pose for pictures. But for now, I'll just show you my latest project.

I've been wanting to experiment with making silicone molds, and I finally got the stuff this past weekend. Here are the results of my first attempt. I think I'll try re-molding the same piece and seeing if I can't get better detail, but even if I can't, I'm happy with what I've got. I want to make a million! But in typical Heidi fashion, I will get totally distracted by another project and forget about molding for months. I used paper clay for these, though I might upgrade to polymer clay some time.

The top is the pill case from which I made the mold, and below are the results. I have other painting ideas, which I will get to, hopefully, this weekend. They measure 4.5 cm in width.

Steve's favorite is the one below the gold one. He wouldn't wear it, but I think I'll make myself a necklace out of it so he can at least see it often enough. By the way, I took this with my phone, so the colors don't look quite like they do in reality. Still, I was so excited and I was eager to show off my new bird pendants!!!

If anyone would like one, or would like a necklace made with one - just message me! One day I'll get around to having an etsy shop, but I just can't keep enough stuff in stock to make it worth my while.


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