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Sunday, January 16, 2011

My Salon Set Up

Yesterday morning, I went to my hair salon to get my flaming red hair touched up and to deliver Jeanne the necklace I promised her. If you read the previous couple of posts, you'll know how stressed I was while trying to create it. Turns out, she liked it a lot. I'll post some photos below, and they came out well, but it's one of those necklaces that looks better on. She said she'd had a slow work week, so she didn't have any sales for me. Hopefully this week will be better. While my sister was having her hair dried (we make appointments together), Jeanne's friend & lunch date came in. Turns out she was someone I used to know years ago. I told her about my jewelry and showed her a few things, and she immediately fell in love with a pair of earrings made from my home made tin bead cap/connectors. So I'd made a sale after all, and gotten to reconnect with someone from the past.

I asked Jeanne if she'd mind if I posted a photo of my display and of course she didn't. She then suggested I write a bio with a picture for her to post next to it. That's a great idea, and I'll work on that this week.

 The necklace

 My display - small, but it works.
The earrings on the right are the ones my old pal bought. I didn't have time to take pictures of all
my new earrings before my appointment, so I snapped a few in their bags just for my records.


  1. I think that necklace looks awesome. Bold and expressive. But I do understand you being stressed about it. I'm the same making jewellery for someone I know who has asked for something particular.

    And your display also looks great. It is nice to buy jewellery in connection to having your hair done.

  2. Thanks Malin :) Jeanne's got very particular taste, and since she's been doing me such a favor allowing me to sell my things at her salon, I wanted to make sure I made something that would really please her.

    That's a good point - when your hair's newly styled, you're always in a great mood so why not buy those cute earrings you've been eyeing since you got there. Right?

  3. that necklace is RAD!!! i love it!

  4. Shweet! OK! I have to ask...WHERE did you get the AWESOME fancy chain! I have to get some for myself!!!

  5. Thanks y'all. Thing is, the chain came from a box of random odds & ends from a friend. She buys ebay lots of jewelry for one or two pieces she likes, then saves the rest for me. If I ever see more like that, I'll snap it up and let you know!

  6. Oh you're sweet Heidi...your friend is sweet too!


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