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Friday, January 7, 2011

Must Get Cracking!

I haven't been the queen of productivity this week, but I've gotten several small things accomplished. I went to my hair salon to pick up my sales, and because I hadn't done so in about 3 weeks, I had quite a bit! Because I'm paying my stylist in jewelry instead of commission, she said she wants something super fancy this time. She's requested a purple and gold necklace made from sari silk -- the details are up to me. Because she's wonderful and fabulous and oh so good to me, I want to make sure it's just perfect. Also, I promised it to her on my next hair appointment, which is a week from tomorrow. So I need to get cracking.

A fair amount of cracking happened last night in the form of Focal Creation. I can't decide if it's pretty or tacky as all get out. Do you do that to yourselves? I figured I'd suspend judgment until the rest of the necklace is made and I see it all together. I almost took a picture to post here, but I figured you all might need to see the finished product as well. So after that, I began piecing together the start of the necklace I'm making with this gorgeous creation from Julsbeads:

(Photo by Julsbeads)

That mostly involved picking numerous threads off of the cream colored piece of sari silk I'm using. Then I had to combine all the threads into little piles and tie them into knots, which I attached to jump rings. Unsure what to do with them, I stuffed them into the ends of my mannequin's stockings. They don't belong there, but they are within reach of my beading chair. I had to stop when I realized that my next step was hammering, and it was nearly midnight. Sadly, living in a condo does not lend itself to late-night hammering. I'm eager to return to both projects, but my stylist's comes first.

Today, I signed up for Lori Anderson's Bead Soup Blog Party! WOO WOO!!! I'm super duper excited about that. I spent a few minutes looking through my supplies this morning, trying to see what I might pick out for my care package, and my first thought about what to send turned into a sketch and plans for another necklace! I was so thrilled by the idea of it, I couldn't bear to part with it. I'm really looking forward to trying to figure that one out, but again, Jeanne's purple and gold and hopefully not tacky necklace. 

Hopefully I'll get a couple of things made this weekend so I can post some new pictures for you. Oh, and lastly - Jeanne said that if I can make enough jewelry, she has a friend with a boutique on Metairie Road (for those of you not from around here, that's a pretty posh shopping area) that she's certain will want to sell my jewelry. Hooray! So I really, really, seriously really need to get cracking. I just need to figure out a way to speed up the creative process...


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