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Monday, January 10, 2011

Failures, Minor Success, Major Stress, & Finally a Glimmer of Hope

That was the theme of my weekend - as far as creativity goes anyway. Remember last entry I was unsure about the focal piece I had cobbled together for my stylist's necklace? Upon further examination and opinion gathering, it was determined (by Steve) to be "something a little old lady would wear." That was my initial concern, and I was right. I tried a million different ways to work it out, and ultimately decided I needed to just scrap the whole idea.

So then I moved on to the next thing in the queue - the beautiful lampwork bead pictured in the last post. Turns out, my ideas for that were awful too. And I didn't have the right accent beads. Some, but not all. Finally, I told myself I could just put it aside and get to it later, when the right accent beads presented themselves. That was about the sanest thing I did all weekend. I gave up for the night, about ready to give up entirely. But I was just having a pity party.

The next day, I put together the necklace I had a quick inspiration for when I was looking through my things for the Bead Soup Blog Party. I was fairly happy with it until I put it on. It's choker length on me. But there are a lot of people out there who love things choker length. And I wasn't making this for myself, so I had to calm down and admit it was kind of cute.

Sunday, I made quite a few pairs of earrings - basically just filler. I spend way too much time agonizing over things, wanting them to be the coolest, most original, artsy things ever made - and that usually just leads to frustration and disappointment. I have to have some things to sell! Ack! I really make myself crazy. Then last night, I was about in tears trying to figure out what on earth I was going to do for Jeanne's necklace. I looked at a million sites, magazines, and etsy listings looking for inspiration. I went through most of my beads 100 times. Pulled out the sari ribbon I intend to use, held it up to things. Experimented with a few concepts, all of which stressed me out even more. But I promised it to her for Saturday!!! I went to bed on the verge of a panic attack.

Today, it hit me. Missficklemedia was bound to solve my problem! I searched her etsy listings and found just what I needed. I feel like I can breathe now. I won't have the necklace done for Saturday, but I'm sure she'll understand when I tell her about the beautiful components I had to special-order for it. Wheew.

I just got a massage to help with my ultra-stressed shoulders, and I feel a little better. And I have a mug of tea waiting for me in the kitchen. Now have a look at the choker and some of the earrings.

Pendant by Jessi


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