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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Hang on to Yourself

I've been somewhat productive this week. Hooray for me! And considering there was yet another incident with my dog that's pretty amazing. She's back to normal sick now, instead of omgshe'sabouttodie sick, which was Monday and Tuesday. And just from sneaking a little dog food on Sunday!?

So here are some earrings and a bracelet I've made this week. I started another bracelet last night, but I still have more to do before it's done.

Recycled gun charm & black beads, new coral red beads.



  1. Love all those hot colours you've used! Really pretty all round. The gun charm is very cool!

  2. Glad your pup is better, or at least back to normal. I especially like the second and last pair of earrings. :)

  3. The bracelet is a bit wild for me but the earring are gorgeous. I can really say which pair I like better, which is unusual for me. Really love the colour combinations.
    Very, very happy to hear your girl is doing better!

  4. very lovely, you have been a busy bee!! I wish I had your energy to create..maybe this will be my weekend!!

  5. Thanks everyone! I really do appreciate all the comments I receive :)

  6. i hope your doggie is going to be ok! it is so stressful when the pets are sick! it is so nice when they are happy and healthy and there are no worries! i am hoping that time comes for you soon!


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