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Monday, March 12, 2012

Recent Happenings

The Bead Soup Blog Party was a lot of fun - I still have a few more blogs to visit - but I've seen a lot of really beautiful creations so far and made some new friends along the way. Lori sure knows how to host a good party!

This past weekend, I was asked at the last minute to fill in for a vendor who'd cancelled at the Mandeville Trailhead Market. I was excited to put all my new props to use, and while I wished I'd had more last minute cram time to make a few extra things, I went with what I had, plus 2 new necklaces I did rush to make two nights prior.

Here's my table!

I took this before everything was out, but this is the general idea. However, I only managed to sell three pairs of earrings. Of course, that's better than nothing at all, and it did cover the cost of my booth (which was a ridiculously cheap $15 anyway). Plus it was a gorgeous day and lots of fun. My friend Ashley helped me out, and we sampled lots of cookies from the old Italian guy next to us. Ultimately, I decided that since this is a weekly market, and it's the same vendors every week, people don't really attend expecting to buy a lot on a random day, not close to a holiday. They might be there to get fresh eggs from the lady that sells them every weekend, or the plants sold by the guy at the front, etc. I did get a lot of oohs and ahhs and plenty of people took  my cards, so hopefully that will result in some etsy business or something.

Here are the two necklaces that I made at the last minute.

Check out this cool Lynn Davis pendant!

Yesterday, I was so ready to make something new and springy and use some of my new Irish Waxed Linen Thread. I'd been eyeing this mermaid focal I've had for months when it suddenly dawned on me that I had the perfect coordinating lavender beads from a recent Heather Box! Before long, it all came together like magic. I love when that happens. Here she is, and she's available in my etsy shop right now! I'll list the other two a bit later. Speaking of my etsy shop - I'm having a 15% off sale through the rest of March in honor of Daylight Savings Time! The code is FORWARD15.


  1. Love them all but especially the mermaid necklace! An awesome colour scheme. Glad the market was fun at any rate. I think they are so hit and miss these things, until you get really high end. You need customers coming along to spend money!

  2. Your display is great! I love the hinged necklace display with the knobs. And your jewelry is beautiful. You've got a good variety of styles and colors.

    I've done a few outdoor shows, but the wind never stops blowing here in Kansas, and more often than not, either my jewelry blew off the tables or the tables themselves toppled over, even with sandbags holding them down. That, plus my terrible alergies have forced me to stop doing outdoor shows.

    It's great the you were able to pull this together at the last minute!

  3. Oh Heidi, I love all your new necklaces!!!! Such lush colors and all. Your table looks great. I like that turquoise thing with the knobs.

  4. All your pieces look great! I really like the display with the turquoise knobs!

  5. Love the set up ( and hopefully it was snake free lol!!!) That necklace with the Lynn Davis pendant is a beauty!!!

  6. Looooooove the addition of the ribbon (no surprise, I guess :-)) and I really like the display.

  7. your table is fantastically gorgeous! I'd love to have a wooden (?) hand like that!

  8. your booth looks amazing! and $15 for a booth?! that is incredible!!!

    i hope many sales come to you as a result! sometimes people take a while to commit. i work in an art gallery, and the bigger the price, the longer the time it seems to take for one to commit to it.

  9. Your table looks fantastic! I love how the sun glows through the pendant of that top necklace!


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