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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Lemon Lime

I had a discussion with Malin the other day about how we approach our necklace designs. I didn't used to be so focal-centric, but lately I've become that way. It can be a bit stifling sometimes - you get in a rut of doing things the same old way. Malin said she'll often just start putting together certain beads and then the focal will come later - or maybe not at all.

That inspired me to do something with these faceted quartz coins I've had for a year or more. I pick them up constantly, but can't ever figure out what focal to put with them, or how to deal with them at all. Now that I've started playing with waxed Irish linen cording, that allowed me to bring some color to those clear quartz beads and that's when I started really wanting to use them. I was set on the green cord, so I began digging and for some reason I knew I had to use the little bright yellow faceted matte glass beads. I still couldn't figure out a focal, but decided to plod forth anyway.

After about 6 inches, I knew SOMETHING had to break up the design but I just couldn't find a good focal. I dug and dug and pretty much gave up. I finally picked up the yellow & green resin beads and gave those a try. Huh. Not bad. Tried two million spacer ideas, and finally found this forgotten bag of rhodium thingies and ta da! The more I look at it, the more I like it. I think it would be perfect with a sundress. The green & yellow with the bright clear quartz reminded me of Sprite, the soft drink. hahaha.

And now, some recent earrings. The top left pair is my fave. The bottom 3 are mostly composed of vintage goodies from the Heather Boxes. Several of these will be going to the PBS Art Auction that I do every year. I've already sent over a necklace, and will send over a few more things I'm sure.


  1. Ha! I saw the picture of your necklace and I thought "that is fantastic, I love it". I didn't think about weather it had a traditional focal in the form of a pendant or not, I just saw the colors and the proportions and I felt it was like a cooling lemonade flavored with lime and lemon, and with ice cubes. :-)

    Then I started reading your text. And oh, I had something to do with you coming up with the design! Me! Moi! I am so happy! I have really loved having this discussion going on with you lately.

    I know it's my turn to write to you now. And ... you know, last Thursday I wrote almost a short essay ;-) for you about how one of my latest designs came about. As an example. And as a way for myself to understand how I go about designing. I'm still trying to grasp how my process works. It's so interesting the whole thing. But it's not worth a thing unless you can mirror yourself in others. I got to to hear other's stories too.

    I didn't send what I wrote to you yet, simply because when I read through it I realized it was rather badly written, and all messed up from a chronological perspective.

    I'll look into it again and make sure to send it latest tomorrow. Dear dear Heidi, it is such a pleasure to know you! <3 xxx

  2. the blue cording is really a nice choice

  3. Alright, this is at LEAST the third or fourth time I've tried to post. Hopefully it'll work this time -_-

    I absolutely *love* this necklace-- the colors, the style, everything! The combination is so much fun, so full of life... even though it doesn't have a "focal" per se, I would argue that the three beads in the middle (plus the ones that accent/finish them), put together, make their own "focal" point.

    I know what you mean, though, about getting "stuck" in a way of doing things. I'm in the process of re-thinking some things myself.

    Looking forward, as always, to exploring those with you, as we explore your own <3

    *~* Julia *~* *~*

    1. Thank you - it definitely felt like I was getting out of my rut! And yes, the center beads are definitely a focal point, if not a focal. And that's how I used to do things before I discovered the wonderful world of art beads!

  4. I feel stuck in a rut or repeating a design or a technique that's worked in the past because it's the easy fail safe method. It takes a lot of time, effort and lots of tries to go and try something else... I think you nailed this one, I oalway get such satisfaction when I use beads that have been in my stash for ages :-)
    So 2 thumbs up for the necklace!

    1. Yes, it is nice to use up the old stash - plus, if you use them all, it opens up a section in the sorty box! I'm forever reorganizing my boxes...

  5. Gorgeous necklace, great use of yellow and green right down to the cord - and a nice balanced design :-)

  6. Gorgeous necklace, great use of yellow and green right down to the cord - and a nice balanced design :-)

  7. It really works. I love the colour scheme too - I think it is inspired to use those clear quartz to balance out the intensity - it looks like summer encapsulated. Do you know, I used to dislike pendants. I used to wear just strands of beads, often graduated beads, looped round a lot - it's still a look that I like, but it's boring to just make strands of the same beads! I still have a bunch of necklaces hanging one the wall of my room, that when I lose weight (ie the chest!!) I will wear again. Love what you've done here! What's your PBS auction (what is PBS?!).


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