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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Totally 80's or Pride? You Decide!

I'd been hanging onto this Golem Studio heart pendant for quite some time now, just waiting for the perfect beads to come together. And when Lima Beads announced a new shipment of Czech glass last week (on pay day no less!) I just had to buy a ton. I wasn't even thinking of the heart pendant when I ordered, or at least not consciously. Just as well, I might have overdone it. When the beads arrived on Monday, I sorted them into their own Czech glass bin and then it hit me! I had the perfect first project. I pulled out the heart pendant, and the rest was history. I got side tracked by my fave TV show (RuPaul's Drag Race, which demands 100% focus, so I can't bead through it), and after that it was midnight. So I finished it last night and I just LOVE it!

I can't decide though, is it more 80's a la Punky Brewster / Care Bears / Rainbow Brite? Or is it more Gay Pride? Maybe one of RuPaul's girls might like it? haha.

And the best part is that I already made the matching earrings a few months ago!

I'm not going to list them on etsy just yet - I'll give it a chance at the salon first. (Unless of course anyone just has to have it, let me know. I won't be making a salon run for at least another week or so.)


  1. HAHAHAHA, I *love* watching Drag Race too! I usually just catch up on Netflix once the season is over, though, so I can "marathon" the whole thing at once.

    My vote goes for Rainbow Brite as inspiration-- the pretty hearts makes me think of her and her Sprites! While the colors are bright, they are more like bright pastels instead of the bold rainbow colors used for "pride."

    Love this necklace, love the set, and love your taste in TV shows! <3

    *~* Julia *~* *~*

    1. Thanks Julia - I see what you mean about the bright pastels instead of the bold rainbow colors. And the colored hearts are just SO 80s. And yes, Drag Race is the best. I only started last season. Maybe this summer I should netflix the first 2 seasons. This one's killing me - so far the person I'm rooting for is still in with 5 queens left. I hope she wins!

  2. I love RuPaul. Now I'm curious about Drag Race and wondering if it's on Hulu...

    I agree with Julia that the necklace looks Rainbow Brite inspired because of the hearts. In fact, there's a hint of Care Bears in there, too.

    PS: Funny thing? I have rainbows on the brain, too. Today I finished the beaded edging for a rainbow sequin cuff. :)

  3. Wooooooooow! That is such a fun piece! LOVE it!

  4. Care Bears! You crack me up and just took me waaaaay down memory lane! :) Great piece, so happy and bright.

  5. very cheery! very festive and fun!!!!!

  6. Ah I thought I'd forgotten about Rainbow Brite but your picture brought those 80s memories flooding back! So another vote for Rainbow Brite here!

    Rainbows were my favourite ever thing as a kid, I had a whole collection of rainbow erasers of which I was very proud. Back in the days when every self-respecting seven year old girl had an eraser collection in a big old biscuit-tin!

    The heart pendant reminds me a little of Bridget Riley's dot paintings (do you know her work?). She had a bit of a comeback in the 80's, too.

    The earrings are gorgeous too!

  7. Wow I love the necklace those Czech crystals go so well with the heart pendant. The only one of those shows I remember from the 80's is the Care Bears my Son was born in 83 and Care Bears was the theme of his room. Drag Queens is a show I will have to check out.

  8. Oh I stinking love it -- and the clear beads as part of the neckline are perfect!

  9. First off, I'm glad you found some Czech beads. I know you were looking. Secondly, I definitely see more 80s going on than the pride.

    And now I'm jealous of your beads. Why did you have to do that to me? :P


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