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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Attempt #387

I swear this flower pendant will be the death of me. I'm guessing from the few honest comments I got last blog and the otherwise silence, that you all agreed (except for LeeLu, thanks :) that the necklace was, as the kids say, an Epic Fail. Ugh. I don't know what is so darn hard. I don't even trust my judgment at all when it comes to this pendant. Here's what I did last night.

Rebecca Anderson, I'm pretty sure the big ceramic bead came from a random goodies stash I won from you a while back.

I tried the all white and the all white with one/some cherry quartz as mentioned in the comments last time. It just didn't work. This is definitely better than last time, but like I said I really don't trust my judgment about this focal.

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  1. Hmmm what about going in a diff direction and maybe doing a multistrand with copper chain and wood beads?

  2. I really like it! I am not saying it's exactly what I would do (not that I'm sure I know what that is!!) but it's your design after all. LOVE that bead I sent you. It's lampwork I think, from some folks called Barony Design. They are from Edinburgh, and I got it in a batch of orphans I bought from them at the amazing craft fair that happens in Edinburgh over the summer every year. They were a family business - the husband/dad did stunning wood turned vessels, and the mum/wife and daughter had just started making beads as well. I don't think they even had a website, and as they were just starting out, they had a real mix of things style-wise - I got some absolutely lovely beads there! I looked again over the last 2 years but they haven't been back :-( I think the colour balance you've got in the piece now is absolutely perfect.

  3. Muuuuchhhh better! Now in this one...its the all white that's bothering me. maybe you can continue with the white/blue combo on the other side too? a bit of symmetry to go with the asymmetry?

  4. For me, the beads are too similar in size and shape, and there are too many short blocks of different colors. The eye does not have anywhere to stop. Try adding somelarger beads in groupings of three along the side, maybe in a neutral color. Separate the different color blocks with brass spacers to give the eye somewhere to land. And you can continue the use of metal by hanging the pendant on some Vintaj Brass bail which would set that gorgeous focal off, and play off the brass in the chain.

    I hope I did not complicate things. Just walk away from it for a while, and when you're ready to start again, put the beads out, move them around, and see where it takes you.

  5. The more I see it, the more I really like it. I think my favourite thing is how you have echoed the lampwork bead with the white bead cap on the other side. And yet again, your colour selections are absolutely perfect!

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