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Saturday, March 5, 2011

The Aqua & Brown Problem

I know I'm not the only one who has it. It's just the best color scheme, and I can't help but repeat it again and again!

This is what I made last night with the coolest new aqua painted metal dangles from Michael's, some coconut shell beads, czech glass, and freshwater pearls.


  1. Oh, I have that problem but with other color schemes. Usually, if I use any shade of orange, I MUST use a turquoise with it. I don't know why. It's a serious problem.

    I'm jealous of your metal discs. I found some smaller oval ones that I used in one of my bead soup pieces, but I didn't see these larger ones. . . Hmmm. I guess a shopping trip is in order!

  2. Really lovely! Those metal discs Are ace, I love turquoise and brown too...gorgeous!

  3. Very cool, the metal discs are awesome. I hear a trip to Michaels in my future.

  4. Gorgeous! I tend towards the turqoise and coral/freshwater pearls/shell combo. It's something about turqoise that says summer time, seaside fun.

  5. I wouldn't say it's a problem. Some things simply belong together like mozzarella & tomatoes, sun & ice cream, christmas & santa, dinner & candle light, coffee & me, aqua & brown, whipped cream &... almost everything ;)
    Can it be that I am hungry? :p
    Beautiful necklace, and I love the earrings, too!

    hahaha my verification word is SUPPER!

  6. Great looking necklace! And the earrings too.Is your torso/manequin of natural size? I just have a vague memory that it isn't, but I might be way wrong. Wanna know if I understand the scale right?

    And Palimpa, just for your information - coffee belongs to ME. Anyway, hope your supper was good.

  7. Your stuff just keep getting better, gorgeous!

  8. Thanks, Anonymous! Whoever you are. And thanks everyone else too :)

  9. Probably should have said AWESOME instead of gorgeous then.


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