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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Aren't these colors generally associated with Miami Vice?

I fell MADLY in love with this fabulous lampwork focal bead by the talented & hilarious Julianna Julsbeads Cannon the second I saw it. It took me a while, but I eventually bought it. And then I had to promptly hoard it for months. But really, it's because I had to wait until all the right ingredients came together with the perfect inspiration. I wasn't going to waste that beautiful focal on some lame-o design just because I was in a rush to use it.

Patience is indeed a virtue. Behold the splendiferousness of this focal. I think I did it justice :D


  1. Youwere absolutely right to wait with this pendant, the coordinating beads are just perfect. What a stunning necklace.

  2. Gorgeous! Is that sari silk you've used?
    Deb x

  3. The Miami Vice pink was a true pink, I remember, but besides that you are right, Sonny ;) Where are my Ray Bans?
    This necklace is georgeous! I love that it's double stranded and that it looks as if you would wear two separate necklaces together.

  4. HEI - DI !!

    That is one ROCKIN' necklace, girl! Your color choices are perfect, and the design is bold and flirty and feminine and fun.

    love LoVe LOVE it!

    In fact if it is okay with you I'd like to feature it on my blog today.

    Which means I hope it's okay with you 'cause Immabouta do just that.

  5. Oh, you did it right! What a beautiful piece.

  6. Love your "Miami Vice" necklace. Or should it be called "I wonder if Don Johnson would like this?"

  7. well your post title made me LOLOLOLOLOL!!! and i love the necklaces!

  8. and how could your dad and sisters make you scared of sheep! shame on them! boo!!!


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