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Saturday, March 12, 2011

New Hair, New Glasses, and a Request from Malin!

So I went to the salon today, primarily to get my hair done, but also to drop off some of my recent jewelry. I'd sold quite a few things since my last visit, and another customer bought something I'd just brought in! Remember these? I really do enjoy picking up a big stack of cash, but I much prefer seeing the people come in, look at my jewelry, fall in love with it and buy it while I'm there! It's such an AWESOME feeling to see people appreciating my hard work!!!

Got the hair done, and Jeanne insisted I try on the fancy headpiece she made for her Mardi Gras costume. Since I had my camera and another client in there just happened to be a professional photographer, he insisted he take the shot:

How much do I need one of these things? Right?

While the photographer was getting his hair washed, I snapped some photos at the request of the fabulous Ms. Malin de Koning. She wanted to see some of my more recent necklaces on my neck instead of just on my dress form. I intended to photograph the one that the woman bought while I was there, but I thought it would be in poor taste to do it in front of her. So I picked up another one. 

I'm surprised this one hadn't sold yet. It's been there over a month!

While I was waiting for my color to set in, I got the word that my new glasses were ready! This day was turning out to be Very Exciting™ indeed. So my sister and I went to pick them up after our hair appointments. Here I am showing off both pairs:

The sensible pair.

 The fun pair.  
 Guess what colors they are? Aqua & brown ;)


  1. Congrats on selling your pieces! I recently got new hair and glasses also but now I want your fun pair-so cute!!!

  2. You look so pretty in all these pics! I love both pairs of glasses....especially the aqua and brown ones of course...they would go well with that mardi gras head piece, lol!

  3. Hello Heidi, well where do i start?, your hair looks great love that color, those necklaces are fabu ,i like the second pair of glasses best, and that mardi gras head piece is a hoot i think that covers all the bases lol;p have a great evening Heidi ttfn :)

  4. Thanks everybody :) New hair and new glasses on the same day is almost more than I can handle!!!

  5. V cute. That second pair really suits you.

  6. Daaaaaarling! Thank you so much for these pictures. Not only your jewelry look fabulous, you do. You should model much more often. I'm sure Don would love that.

  7. I LOVE the fun pair of glasses! Aqua is my fav. Necklaces are awesome as well.


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