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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Worth the pain in the neck

First, I would like to thank everyone for all the wonderful comments during the Bead Soup Blog Party! I still have about 20 or so blogs left to check out, but I will get to them before the week is over. I was just itching to start a new project after looking at so much beautiful jewelry! I also want to thank and welcome my new followers - 18 new folks since the hop!

Who else endures horrible neck pain headaches after too much wire wrapping? I've tried sitting in various positions, or different pieces of furniture, with or without extra back support. I've tried magnifying glasses to see if that helped. I got an OTT lite. But I guess what it boils down to is that no matter what, I'm still looking down for long periods of time. I just can't hold it all up and work in front of my face! I love wire wrapping too, but in cases like this necklace, it's just literally a pain in the neck.

Remember those butterflies I got? I finally did something with one of them. After wrapping about 70 Labradorite chips, I found the perfect lampwork bead, and added the ivory colored butterfly. It can be worn long or wrapped twice, and it fastens in the front with a sterling hook. I'm very pleased with it. I only wish I knew the secrets of photographing Labradorite so that all its luminous glory shows.


  1. That is a huge butterfly pendant, beautiful!

  2. Very spring time! I love the lampwork bead above the butterfly and as always your wire wrapping is perfect.

  3. That's a lot of wire wrapping, but it was worh it. Beautiful necklace!

  4. Spectacular pendant and your wire work is beautiful. Totally worth it.

  5. this is so beautiful!

    looking down a lot sure leads to neck pain. i was cutting out a delicate stencil pattern recently, and my neck was KILLING ME after about 30 minutes of work. ugh!

  6. Stupendous! I love the lab..and that butterfly is a good way. Just gorgeous!

  7. Holy Cow that's a lot of wire wrapping, what kind of wire are you using?
    I put a beading tray on my lap and sit on the couch with my OTT lite at my side.I find I have less neck pain this way than sitting at the table.
    Labradorite is my all time favorite gemstone and this necklace ROCKS!


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