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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Finally Finished!

You know those projects that take you forever, right? The moment I saw the gorgeous copper connector on Lynn Davis's etsy, I knew exactly what I was going to do with it. I had this old crystal necklace I've had forever, and I knew this is how it needed to be used. I just needed to do some things first: procure the chandelier crystal from my mom; get some Liver of Sulfur; learn how to properly use Liver of Sulfur; get some copper wire (which until the Bead Soup Blog Party was something I'd never used); darken the wire with the LoS; make a clasp during acceptable daylight hammering hours; etc. And of course life, houseguests, a million other projects, and the ginormous treasure box from the previous post all took up a lot of my time.

I had started it, and worked on it periodically for a few weeks, but last night, I decided I was going to finish it no matter how late I had to stay awake. So finally, here it is!!!

Click for close-up.

I just want to mention how much my thumb's about to break off from all this wire wrapping!


  1. Gorgeous jewellery and gorgeous photographs! ALso, did you make that clasp yourself? I am so impressed...I am still scared of LoS, did you find it quite straightforward to use?

  2. And it... is... magnificent! MAGNIFICENT!

  3. Beautiful, I would like to try liver of sulfur too, just not sure where to find it? Really amazing job.

  4. Heidi, it turned out beautifully! I want it! Guys, I own several pieces of Heidi's creations, her jewelry is second to none! Love, Love Love!

  5. Gorgeous, another statement piece!
    Maybe you could do a tutorial post on how to use this liver of sulphur?

  6. Ok this is beautimous(yes, I know it's not really a word but it's what my friend and I say) Heidi wear ever did you get the mini dressform. I've been looking for one.

  7. Oh wow! It's just stunning. At least you don't need thumbs to wear such a swoon-worthy necklace ;)


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