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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

April Flower

New stuff! I made this bracelet last night. It's a bracelet! It's asymmetrical! Two things I usually fail at, but I think this one's a winner. I've had this vintage red flower button for a couple of years. I loved it, but never knew what to do with it until last night. Actually, I could say the same about the green & red dot lampwork bead and the green bead - it's made like a cotton pearl, but differently coated. I guess asymmetrical bracelets are the way to use up those cool singular beads I've got lying around. Now, if the salon customers would just embrace bracelets. Not once have I ever sold one there, and there have been a few really cute ones, albeit symmetrical...

I posted a quick iPhone snap of this necklace on Facebook the other day, but here it is in all its glory. Round Rabbit focal, Czech beads, opalite beads, vintage lavender seed beads, silver spacers and waxed Irish linen. Of course I missed Easter, but rabbits are cute all year. Not just on Easter!


  1. The colors you are using are yummy! I am particularly drawn to that sweet flower clasp and the blue and violet are particularly lovely!
    Enjoy the day.

  2. put out a variety of bracelets and see how they do. for some reason people like to see a bunch of something to choose from!

  3. Ooo...the bracelet is totally cute! You need to make sure it is highlighted and displayed properly, I bet it will get picked up real soon!

  4. I love the flower bracelet with the beaded loop! It's adorable.

    I tend not to buy bracelets, but that's because they usually don't fit my itty bitty wrists. I also worry about not being able to get them on and off easily, but the flower bracelet looks like it wouldn't be too challenging.

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  6. love both pieces,
    and fuzzly rabbits are cute :-)

    happy weekend!

  7. I think the bracelet is unique and so colorful, I love it! You have inspired me to make some red polymer flower beads for myself!


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