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Friday, April 6, 2012

With a little help from my friends...

Ever have one of those pieces about which you just CANNOT make up your mind? I'm a huge fan of Lynn Davis's gorgeous connectors (btw, she's currently having a 10% off sale). They always beg me for pearls, wire wrapping, and sparkly beads. Two of my favorite pieces I've ever made are with her connectors. This and this. So in this latest piece, I was going for more of the same, but I wanted to mix it up a bit. I was relatively happy with the main part, but I was fairly certain that the dangle was all wrong.

It's hard to tell, but that's a teeny faceted ruby above the rhinestone. I often wish those rubies were redder than pink. And I didn't have any garnet cut the right way. I was hearing various fellow bloggers' voices in my head, "don't be a perfectionist! don't be too precious! don't stress over every little detail!" and it was late and I was tired, so I just let it go. But every time I looked at it, it disappointed me more than it thrilled me. But then I didn't know if it was just me or I was being too picky.

So I snapped this photo with my iPhone and emailed it to Rebecca and Malin, who have become good friends whose styles I love and opinions I trust. They both agreed that they liked the idea of a group email confab to help when someone's stuck. I'm so glad, as I didn't want to seem a pest ;)

They both offered completely differing ideas, but they also both agreed it could be improved. Obviously, my inner voice was correct - and I was so glad to have their input. Rebecca suggested dangles (which she liked from another recent necklace I'd made) in either moonstone or ruby or both, as well as adding more to the dangle at the bottom. Malin suggested getting rid of the ruby altogether, and stacking some pearls and moonstones as a new dangle.

I thought about it and combined both of their ideas - but not necessarily exactly how they were describing them. Of course I can't picture what was in their minds and they don't know my stash, but I had a plan and I got busy. I stayed up a little later than I wanted to to finish it (who here hasn't done that a million times?), et Voila! I think it looks a lot better!

Thank you so much, ladies, for your input!

(Click to enlarge!)


  1. I'm a fan of the red dangle(as a general rule) but they were right this is much better, nice job!

  2. Isn't it strange how you just know when something doesn't look right, but you don't quite know how to fix it. How nice of Rebecca and Malin to help you out. The final piece is just gorgeous!!!

  3. Hmm...I liked the red (but then that could just be me with my fascination for anything colorful).

    I like the moonstone dangles in the chain, but would have suggested a larger, and deeper red bead in the dangle.

    But this looks good too...more neutral and will go with more things :)

  4. I love the re-do! A beautiful piece.

  5. Heidi, I looooove the new dangle at the bottom. You took it further than I had pictured for my inner eye, and it looks so great. Perfect!

    With the risk of coming across as a blunt and insensitive person (I don't wish to, so sorry), I must admit though, that personally I am not overly keen on the dangles on the "string/strand" parts above the pendant. I don't think they are necessary at all to be honest. If anything, I'd like to see them hung at the bottom loop of the pearls instead. So that they would double up with the moonstones instead of with the pearls.

    But anyway, and as I've told you before I think this is a very beautiful design. Subtle and elegant and bohemic at the same time. Marvelous!

    I also have to say again, and in public, how much I admire you for your great talent for making symmetrical design interesting and awesome looking. You rock!


  6. Whereas I absolutely love the dangles, they really make the necklace for me! And whilst I'm sure they would still look lovely hung from the pearls, I don't think id like them anymore than I do where they are now. And the focal drop is absolutely gorgeous! But I think that's where you can tell that Malin is Swedish and I am not....I am not all about clean lines! A beautiful piece, I love how you took what we both suggested and absolutey did your own thing with it, made your own design. X

  7. Pa I've shown helen your necklace at both stages and she says ' I like what she's done!' x

  8. LOL!
    England versus Sweden.
    Can't beat it!

  9. Humph. I am Scottish!! Definitely NOT English! ;-) x

  10. It's beautiful, and I love all the different shots you took and collaged.

  11. I love what you do with the pewter! You are gifted. I love the extra dangles. Beauties!


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