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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Gem & Bead Overload!

I just went a little bit crazy at today's AKS Gemshow.

Just a little bit.

Click to enlarge and see them in their fully glory!

 Agate. Metal. Glass. Faceted Mother of Pearl. ? and ?

 Black Tourmaline. Green Garnet.

 Bone. Java Glass. Red Coral. Carnelian. Root-beer Garnet. Golden Coral.

 Kyanite. Apatite. Pyrite. Prehnite. Dyed Jade. Resin.

 Faceted Pearls.

  Chalcedony. Peruvian Opal. Aquamarine. Chalcedony. Green Kyanite.

 Tagua nut. Lava.

Chrysoprase. Cherry Quartz. Muscovite x 2.

Amazonite. Baltic Amber.

Lapis Lazuli. Gold Sheen Obsidian.

Aquamarine. Lodalite. Chrysoprase.

I am just that much further away from a down payment for the new car I'm trying to save up for. Unless of course I make so much awesome jewelry that people buy it like there's no tomorrow.

Now. Time to sort! I stopped by Michael's on the way home to buy some new sorty bins :)


  1. Darling! You did good today! Wow! Droooooool!
    I'm off to bed now. I'll dream about that I could come with you next time you go ;-).

  2. What a great haul! Thank you for sharing! Now great creating and I am sure you will have that car in no time!

  3. What a great haul! Thank you for sharing! Now great creating and I am sure you will have that car in no time!

  4. I HATE that I couldn't make it over there to go with you this time. We just had too much going on with friends in town for birthday celebrations. Yet, looking at your haul makes me want to hop in the car and head that way while there's still time. Ah well, I know there's not enough money in the account right now for the drive or the beads. :( Next time though. . . next time!
    I love all of what you got and cannot wait to see some of it in action before too long!

  5. You got some real beauties there! I'll look forward to seeing what you create. So glad we could meet!

  6. Yummies! I love those round, faceted white glass beads in the first pic. Do you know where I can order beads like that online? I need more whites and milky white colors. :)

    1. I don't -- I checked the website of the dealer who sold them, but she didn't have ANY of that type of bead listed on her site. I think those are just the sort of cheap stuff they take on the road to shows. It was just a $3 strand - or even less maybe? I'd just search etsy or ebay. They should be easy enough to find, I would think!


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